His Holiness Dalai Lama in Spotlight

February 23, 2010

By Padmini Arhant

His Holiness Dalai Lama was a guest at the CNNs Larry King Live show on Monday, February 22, 2010.

During the interview, the host Larry King stated,

“Most Americans do not want the United States relationship strained with China over Tibet’s independence.” 

Interestingly, Mr. Larry King did not provide any specifics like who exactly these Americans are, the pollster name and details for authenticity.

Such position could not be from the mainstream population given the fact that by and large American people are samaritans and strong believers of democracy including human rights for them and others.

That being the case, it makes one wonder –

Like everything else is Made in China, if the questionnaire for this interview was possibly,

Prepared by China or Beijing’s representatives in the United States due to the provocative and insensitive questions posed in the interview.

Should a major international network like CNN compromise on substance to boost rating?

As for the alleged statement cited by the CNN talk show host, the anonymous individuals prioritizing economic opportunities over Tibetan people’s freedom cannot be living in the,

Land of the Free, Home of the Brave.

More likely, they belong to the – Land of the Narcissists, Home of the Hypocrites.

The people of the oppressed nation, Tibet may not necessarily be the strongest ally of the United States for whom the latter poised as the leader of the free world would not undertake risks against the invader and persecutor, the Communist China, like it did in 1991 –

When the U.S and allies waged war against Iraq in retaliation to Iraq’s President Saddam Hussein’s invasion of a comparatively small kingdom, the oil rich Kuwait,

Or for that matter,

Threatening to wipe out (Obliterate with nuclear weapons- the rhetoric during Presidential campaign) anyone harassing the nuclear armed Israel, the United States surrogate partner in the middle east despite Israel prominently established as the Neo-Imperialist in the region.

Is freedom a natural right and an entitlement for the privileged while remaining a fantasy for the weak and defenseless?

What would be the twenty first century like in the absence of the following events?

The women’s suffrage movement leading to the women’s vote in the United States of America.

If, President Abraham Lincoln had not ended slavery.

A young civil rights leader DR. Martin Luther King daring to dream a world without prejudice.

If, a resilient leader Mahatma Gandhi had failed in the non-violence principle to free his nation from two hundred years of colonialism.

Creating the state of Israel in OId Palestine amid Arab disagreement in the aftermath of holocaust.

The fall of Berlin wall and Eastern Bloc nations set free from the former Soviet Union.

Liberation of South Africa from the brutal apartheid.

Likewise, Independence for the small island nation East Timor -after prolonged tyranny and massacre.

Emancipation of human beings is not up to free individuals or the oppressive authority to decide whether the enslaved are eligible for liberty or not.

Reiterating the earlier message – All living beings are created equal and born to be free.

The people in Tibet, Palestine, Iran, North Korea, Myanmar, Afghanistan and the nations in Africa, Middle East, and Latin America are no exception to this natural rule of law.

No military might and economic power can continue to suppress the freedom of the population for their false sense of political superiority.

His Holiness Dalai Lama for diplomacy sake could seek autonomy rather than independence for the persecuted and tortured six million Tibetans on account of Tibet’s economic dependency on China.

China’s communist politburo decline political freedom and economic opportunities for long oppressed Tibetans in the Buddhist land.

However, India and South Africa would not be independent had they been abandoned under similar notion that the fate of the several millions are better off as the oppressed minority in their domicile.

Every tribe, community and society has leadership potential to guide and govern the people irrespective of the economic and educational status.

It’s an innate quality provided by nature and commonly seen throughout the animal kingdom.

Because of human greed to amass wealth and territories poignantly,

China – In spite of being third largest nation by total area and the second largest in land area, Beijing authorities insist on retaining Tibet, Xinjiang province, annexing Taiwan and currently eying on neighbor India.

Furthermore, the Chinese Communist rule conspicuously reining in on the most powerful nation, the United States transformed into a subservient economic debtor through unfair trade practices.

Not barring the Most Favored Nation (MFN) status, WTO membership and veto power in the UN Security Council consistently abused by the Communist nation at any given time.

Again, the United States and allies biased treatment of other communist nations is noteworthy.

Cuba and North Korea are incessantly subject to economic sanctions for a variety of reasons ranging from human rights violation to the nuclear standoff.

On the other hand, China, the ultimate communist authority with gross human rights violation and utter disregard for international rule of law is granted immunity based on the emerging economic power status by the democratic nations.

United States lacking in political will and corporations with investments in China are pressuring media to evade democracy depriving the people of Tibet the political freedom.

Then the real power – the people as consumers from all walks of life across the world should prove that the political and economic stakeholders can no longer determine the destiny of human beings.

Worldwide boycott of Made in China goods along with investments withdrawal from the state controlled Chinese holdings by humanitarians, democracy and peace seekers for all contrary to the selective few could lead to the beginning of the end of the communist rule in China and elsewhere.

Not long ago, in the latter part of the twentieth century i.e. during the cold war, the former Soviet Union was formidable opponent of the United States.

Lo and behold, the iron curtain dropped astonishing the rest of the world in marking the end of the repressive rule.

History is testimony to the fact that the rise and fall of empire and emperors not attributed to honorable surrendering of power or the oligarchs’ magnanimity but instead the voice for democracy within and outside oppressed nations have enabled the political transition.

With an inevitable freedom for the people of Tibet, Palestine, Iran, Myanmar, North Korea and others, the optimism will prevail over the lingering insecurity among the authorities and their proxies in the political and economic domain.

Caring, compassionate and peace activists from around the world must stage a non-violent protest and display solidarity in the freedom movement for Tibet, Palestine…the only hope and a guaranteed victory towards democracy for these nations.

Finally, the consumer power always succeeds against any economic and political power.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant


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