Hindu Festival – Shubh Krishna Janma – Ashtami (Lord Krishna’s Birth Celebration)

August 9, 2012

By Padmini Arhant

Jai Sri Krishna! Shubh Sri Krishna Janmaashtami! To all Hindus and Lord Krishna devotees around the world.

Lord Krishna the divine incarnate of Lord Vishnu – the protector of humanity and savior took birth on earth to enable righteousness and virtuous prevail over contradictory traits prevalent in the Dark Age – cosmically the Kaliyug.

Lord Krishna demonstrated sanctity in myriad ways and among them as a cowherd bringing forth significance of cow in Hindu religion and to humanity at large.

Cow is regarded sacred for purity and magnanimity. Being a herbivore poses no threat to other species instead providing for life sustenance with cornucopia of healthy products derived from cow’s milk and cow dung or waste not necessarily disposed considering the inherent value found in sanitizing environment and energy production viz. in cooking and transportation using gobar gas.

Furthermore, the cow renews and replenish food source in abundance conforming to natural creation and aptly worshipped as benevolent benefactor.

Lord Krishna depicted spectacular wisdom, charisma and pragmatic ingenuity at every opportunity besides priceless endowment to mankind in teaching the Holy Scripture -The Bhagavad Gita.

The Lord’s human form enactment detailed precious moments in the gift of life developing deep understanding and purpose behind existence.

In the complex journey through life, the importance of raising consciousness leading to self-realization – oneness or union with God otherwise the Supreme Light,force and energy admirably exemplified in Lord Krishna’s avatar,

The narrative on war being destructive with losses on all sides clarified in the epic Mahabharata is the highlight of Lord Krishna’s magnificent portrayal profoundly delivered in the ultimate victory to Dharma – the epiphany on principles for just cause.

Lord Krishna presides truth, justice, compassion, universal love and peace.

The inconceivable yet accessible through sincere devotion – Lord Krishna, the supreme soul manifests in every being permeating joy and enlightenment.

On this auspicious day of Sri Krishna Janmaashtami prayers offered with reverence seeking Lord’s grace to dispel darkness illuminating the physical world and beyond epitomizing beauty and tranquility all around.

Above all, the Lord’s intervention in concluding era with turmoil and devastation for a new beginning celebrating life representing the golden age is pre-ordained blessing as the protector of universe.

Felicitations on Shubh Sri Krishna Janmaashtami or Gokulaashtami to all!

Peace to all!

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant

http://youtu.be/sUFwiyjCnpo http://youtu.be/P-vEfCaWW9I http://youtu.be/NbSv43OVV6I http://youtu.be/w5itoWe6fb4


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