Hegemony and Proxies Taliban Policy

September 26, 2015

By Padmini Arhant

Speaking from personal experience with hegemony and proxies’ misogynist outlook and condescendence – the strategy conforming to Taliban disdain for womanhood clarifies synergy between sponsors and operatives’ fundamentalism.

Women representing hegemony by and large delegated to counterproductive activities to undermine women status. The caricature of women through such portrayal reflects on the source degradation and defy human nature.

Hegemony attributing my service to ventriloquism obviously based on ignorance at best and chauvinism at worst again revealing the lack of understanding and appreciation for individual capability while asserting ownership and copyrights on material plagiarized from none other than my selfless labor and dedication.

The dichotomy in dismissal of my contribution declared raiders property and claiming hegemony favored entities piracy as the original act epitomizes contempt and antagonism for anyone challenging the status quo.

Either all inventions, discoveries and great performances since world creation until now are supernatural force actions using humans as medium or the practice on selective acknowledgments ascribing credits to certain persons as prodigy and those whom they do not approve categorized robots evidently a convenient stratagem.

In the process, hegemony orchestrated theatrics aimed at discrediting and sabotage authentic mission sincere committment to humanitarian service is self-defeating indulgence.

Hegemony and contingency stance on patents is yet another paradoxical paradigm in maintaining arbitrary standard as golden rule whereas trivializing significant input alongside exploiting my provisions for vested interests demonstrate duplicity.

Hegemony and loyalists Taliban traits are prominent in defining code with respect to my lifestyle ranging from appearance to attire and customs imposing diktat having classified me as untouchable i.e. Dalit, illiterate, a Muslim, and simultaneously Hindutva notwithstanding satirized characters to promulgate their delusional decrepit ideology.

I am expected to tolerate the shenanigans otherwise condemned as playing victim game despite hegemony and stalwarts monumental hypocrisy.

On the contrary, the smile is not acceptable as well and subject to mockery for hegemony and hired agents involved in the self-effacing dilemma.

Above all, hegemony and casts trading venom and demand honey in return as entitlement is a comedy in the parody of the tragedy – the dying supremacy.

Peace to all!

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant






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