Hate – Source and Catalysts Promoting Hatred

June 6, 2022

Hate – Source and Catalysts Promoting Hatred

Padmini Arhant

Idle mind is devil’s workshop. 

Power comes with responsibility. Any abuse of power by those using and exploiting authority invites reactions as such.


Respect is a two-way street. Never one way with a dead end. Anyone crossing the line whether once, twice or as a routine invariably experience the expected consequence.

The contemporary culture sowing, promoting and propagating hate, misogyny, animosity and diverse phobia are self- destructive course inevitably consuming the source and catalysts without a shadow of doubt.

Where does hate, misogyny and hostility emanate from?

Any and all of these characteristics stem from within largely due to ignorance and unwillingness to heed inner conscience against negative thoughts and actions.

Those who cultivate hate in the hope of harvesting from carcinogenic politics irrefutably succumb to the poison ivy they plant in and around them.

Hate and prejudice are outlets for those suffering from the dreadful terminal disease to vent own frustrations on their failures and overwhelming insecurity.

Importantly, hate represents void among those severely lacking in empathy, genuine care and compassion, tolerance and acceptance barring any and all form of discrimination.

The haters sadly reveal their state of mind saturated with apathy, bigotry, revenge and indignation. They waste their life obeying the demons inside them prompting narcissism and degenerative indulgence.

In the absence of self-esteem and integrity to introspect for necessary reform in their thought process and behavioral pattern, they prey on anyone and anything they regard a fair game.

Considering the correlation between hate and hell not only in semantics but also in application of end justifying the means, the hate mongers and haters unwisely transform their life into living hell and upon imminent demise.

Hate is a deadly parasite that ultimately affects the physical, mental and emotional well being of the host inviting internal and external conflicts in the otherwise troubled lives of those embarked on suicide mission.

Hate is the biggest tragedy for those harboring ill-feelings and malice against their targets despite the consequences of ignoring hatred delivering personal hurt and injury via shame, incrimination and purposeless life.

The politics seeding hate, hatred, discriminatory, derogatory and inflammatory policy typically yield results accordingly. Scapegoat anyone for own deliberate vindictive abusive conduct is asinine.

Besides, such theatrics is self-declaration in core criminality reeking contempt and cowardly sinister political ideology. Notwithstanding the routine conforming to radical fundamentalist dysfunctional performance on display.

The publicity starved personalities igniting sparks in public domain with reckless sensationalized sentiments via their political appointees and representatives on religion or prophets of any faith and other sensitive social issues, the desperation is conspicuously ominous for them and their hired stooges deployed for such provocation.

The true colors of the provocateurs and relevantly the mindset of the political leadership at the helm they represent surface at these times much to self-deprecation. These elements making themselves available for cheap exploitation by politics and political leaderships or any other influential entity is self-explanatory.

Then there are those claiming patent rights on intelligence with the cliché on artificial intelligence connotation are reminded to demonstrate their so-called organic intelligence evidently having miserably failed them in possession of any values except spreading hate and spewing venom as exclusive right and entitlement in semblance with their false persona.

What good is such prized intelligence they fraudulently take pride in when it is not reflected in human character – civility and dignity?

The downfall and disgrace following hate, misogyny and acrimony are the writings on the wall.

Padmini Arhant 

Author & Presenter




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