Happy Thanksgiving!

November 24, 2011

By Padmini Arhant

Thanks Giving – an occasion to express gratitude to family, community and nation at large for benevolence and service except,

The prevalent practice is lacking in reciprocation especially by those deriving benefits from others’ sacrifice and trust.

Traditionally the native inhabitants of this great land –America acknowledged Mother Nature for bountiful crops and produce in the harvest season.

The selfless beings then shared fruits of labor amongst the known and unknown spreading kindness and generosity to emphasize the gift of giving.

Unfortunately, today the expectations to receive the most exceeds the necessity to provide the least – largely emanating from greed and insolence overriding fairness concept without boundaries and self-restraint.

Conscientious actions prevent upheavals that otherwise eventually affects the doer for not heeding moral guidance from within.

The deliberate course to inflict pain and suffering on vast majority despite opportunity to reverse trend depicts individual slight for endowed reasoning faculty resulting in personal doom based on poor judgment, false sense of security and confidence.

Deeds performed for greater good against paradoxical paradigm succinctly eliminates misconceptions on virtuosity delivering pervasive positive outcome.

The contemporary world paralyzed with stalemate on every solvable issue is predominantly due to myopic perception and magnified exclusive interests at significant plight depleting resources and human elements again ultimately to the source detriment.

Multidimensional perspectives in observance of the day earmarked to appreciate others dedication is primarily attributed to  –

Reap what one sows in life underscoring empathy towards common goals as the enhanced quality.

Although the recipient in daily life has many to be thankful for beginning with parents,

The treatment of women in particular violating human dignity and respect arguably raises the legitimacy factor for those behind the abhorrent act –

Whether their emergence and existence possible without maternal ordeal in child bearing and rearing more often prolonging into adulthood demonstrated in reprehensible crimes such as sexual assault of women in any setting?

Sincere regard for own mother as life emblem would prohibit abusive conduct against women in recognition of their identity i.e. mother, daughter and sister…in human relations.

Simultaneously posing the question for reaction upon their family subjected to similar disgrace given the female role as mother, wife, sister, daughter, granddaughter, daughter-in-law and mother-in-law…in a civilized society.

Besides dishonoring women by use of force and violent means denigrates perpetrators diminishing in human values and stature.

Society progress is reflected in inclusive political representation, equal rights and justice premised on – None above the law.

Altruism enriches human character in the commitment to national and public service.

Instead authoritarianism depriving freedom of expression, peaceful assembly not withstanding free and fair elections is maintained for dominance.

Thanksgiving is not merely a reminder for beneficiaries to remember and honor members in the family and community.

It is an indicator for checks and balances refining the art of living.

Outreach to assist not just the next of kin but also anyone near and far promoting compassion to human tragedies all around.

Political leaderships delivering campaign promises with honesty and integrity through effective policies would address citizens and country’s requirements.

Economic sector investments on workers and employees long-term employment with appropriate income distribution for collective productivity could clear the persistent overcast on job prospects.

Military confined to defending national territory rather than infringe on citizens’ rights undermining sovereignty would exemplify discipline – the hallmark of defense academy.

Religious leaders focus on national unity and communal harmony clarify the spiritual purpose in life.

Finally, Thanksgiving could not be more profound than global society holistic approach to environment protection leading to universal peace and prosperity.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Peace to all!

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant


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