Happy Easter!

April 8, 2012

By Padmini Arhant

Lord Jesus resurrection to life and revelation to the world on Almighty God’s divine power is celebrated on this joyous Easter Sunday.

Jesus Christ crucifixion on Holy Friday also remembered as Good Friday was a sacrifice to redeem mankind of all sins committed and elevates human spirit in performing duties for individual and universal benefit.

Those who followed the Messiah’s unparalleled demonstration of righteousness on Earth never failed in the service as healers and benefactors dedicated towards a cause in uplifting life around them.

Lord Jesus journey as a preacher and instrument of Almighty God to lead humanity in the path of liberation from ignorance and self-righteousness exemplified through apostles missions in Biblical and humanitarian context.

Contemporary world strayed from virtuous trail burdened with guilt and injustice could shift course through recognition, remorse and reform enabling self-motivated redemption in life.

As a result rescue victims from pain and suffering inflicted in the chain reaction originating from the source unrelenting to natural laws pre-empting calibration for world sustenance in harmony with nature.

Lord Jesus teachings premised on basic to profound principles defined the purpose behind human existence to evolve and be exalted with humility and dignity.

Life is a blessing to be cherished not violated and wasted in illusions missing the golden opportunity to rise to the occasion for utilitarianism and eventual atonement.

Persistence in self-purification despite faltering would re-ignite sparks to dispel darkness within illumining mind then radiating glow shedding light for pervasive external enlightenment.

Appreciating unique endowments guided by discriminatory power in every being rejecting egoistic for altruistic goals is the path to inner peace and,

Self-fulfillment epitomizing benevolence in the otherwise paradoxical paradigm with confusion and clarity is a testament to human enrichment in values and knowledge cognizance of prevalent requirements for collective progress as opposed to present selective prosperity diminishing humanity prospects across the spectrum.

Ordinary citizens engaged in simple to extraordinary tasks without seeking fame, fortune and power represent hope and an inspirational force for others accepting every challenge as a chance to utilize the innate quality of compassion and myriad positive attributes stimulating change in the mainstream struggle.

Rejoicing the event in honor of Lord Jesus return to life is symbolic.

However, emulating the venerable prophet in action would be a tribute to spiritual guidance provided with devotion and exceptional renunciation of life.

Happy Easter!

Peace to all!

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant













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