Greece – TROIKA Diktat Undermine Democracy

July 6, 2015

By Padmini Arhant

Greece was forced into a plebiscite and the people delivered the message with an emphatic NO vote.

Civilized are those who accept victory with humility and acknowledge defeat gracefully in any event.

TROIKA – the lenders direct intervention in Greece or any other nation’s governance is oligarchy exerting authority to stifle democracy.

The referendum rejecting austerity obviously regarded impediment by TROIKA in prolonging the devious debt slavery.

Greece is the initial target for the unscrupulous operatives in TROIKA to eliminate democracy for similar imposition worldwide.

The long conceptualized NWO – the new world order with EU accompanied by euro zone – the second model following the United Nations aimed at stripping nations of their sovereignty.

The moneylenders wells are drying and they want to fill them with Greece and PIGS states citizens tears despite the doomed fate upon TROIKA.

Human folly is presumptuousness and challenging forces when time is against them especially now the cosmic forces presence denying them any such opportunity forever.

I reiterate nothing is meant to exist for eternity in the creation by divine power.

Europe is on the precipice predominantly due to unbridled greed since time immemorial and became prominent through persisting imperialism.

European history is testimony to the fact the rise of feudal system forcing population into slavery to maintain parasitic culture among the self-proclaimed privileged class for their comfort and luxury had to reckon with popular uprising turning into revolution.

The cowardly practice using taxpayers funded police force notwithstanding trained private militia to quell public dissent cannot protect those in ivory tower any more.

I emphasize on the current cosmic time extending into future beyond the obstructionists’ dwarfed existence.

I am not here at the nefarious elements beckon call that I would exit on their insistence to disappear.

As the representative with divine mandate in the preordained divine mission honoring the Supreme power, the Almighty God’s  commandment and blessings, I remain committed in the mission to protect humanity and planet from thievery and incessant destruction.

Time is already proving the triumph (TRIAMF) of divine mission over the suicide mission.

Good Luck! to victims of exploitative scheme by TROIKA in defending liberty and sovereignty – the inalienable and non-negotiable right.

Peace to all!

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant













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