Globalists – The Billionaire Charm or Chasm

July 18, 2021

Globalists – The Billionaire Charm or Chasm

Padmini Arhant

The billionaire club – what anyone does with their personal wealth in their private life is entirely individual discretion. Again, the same principle is not extended to all by the global elitists having assumed power as entitlement to enroll or expel whom ever they prefer or reject in society. The idea of free speech in the present time is transformed into a privilege. The social media they overwhelmingly own and control albeit due to ordinary citizens engagement in these social platforms as users and consumers are conveniently forgotten forbidding citizens from the public domain for not conforming to their political ideology and faction they represent in the government.

The global elites reserve the rights to be discreet and hold secret meetings as secret society to discuss and strategize on global affairs directly affecting every man, woman, child, their dog and livestock in any situation. However, the content and minutes of the meetings are ever held secret barring public and real independent investigative press knowledge on the matter.

Ironically, they criticize their arch nemesis as recluse for living a normal life and importantly they are irked with their enemy for unwilling to bow taking marching orders from them in reminiscence of enslavement of those they regard not worthy of any respect. The proverbial old habits die hard is prevalent in the indignation of anyone who do not agree with them and roll over in the swamp that are expected and carried out by the servile appointees to the position remaining a front for the secret society and the deep state.

The space travel is a new fad among the latest billionaires who have otherwise declared bankruptcy laying off more than 3250 employees citing global pandemic for massive termination and even sought governments’ assistance at average tax payers expense despite the latter hit beyond revival. The wealth at their disposal is apparently well spent on extravagant pleasure trip to the galaxy that were otherwise not available to retain the heavily hurt ordinary workers in the worst crisis. The other billionaires on their part justify their stance on pushing merchant fees $7.50 in credit card payments on solar energy to struggling home owners saving the costs from it for their space journey. There are others in the billionaire league whose employees share their grievances on poor working conditions such as long hours with less pay and no incentives on hard labor of thousands of workers contributing to the billionaires’ success story.

Then there are billionaires entrenched in defining and regulating human genome, lifestyle and mind via investments in scientific experiments and altering seeds germination targeting staple diet of mankind and livestock hormone injection…regarded innovative ignoring cataclysmic ramifications experienced right now.

These are serious side effects of excess wealth granted power evolving into control over global society. When billionaires expand their role from the designated industry and field to running governments, public policies and elections, the metamorphosis is the last straw for global awakening. The monopoly in the relevant sector to a large extent marred with violation of anti-trust laws is the norm. The trend endangering the market economy healthy competition that instantly impact end consumers is slighted for unrealistic profits.

The billionaires decisions to operate and manufacture goods and services from nations that are against democracy, individual freedom and human rights bear responsibility for human suffering across the globe. These companies actions in this regard solely to enhance earnings per share (EPS) in shareholders’ interests have drastically diminished any hope for the political dissidents, human rights activists and environmentalists in their respective cause.

The tech oligarchs viz. Facebook, Twitter, Google and Google owned You Tube have overgrown in size and seismic activities curtailing free speech and free and fair elections that are the foundations of a functional democracy. These tech giants have arbitrarily taken upon them the status as the gatekeepers in the social media platform censoring voices and comments that are considered anti-globalists i.e. the deep state run and manned system.

The consumers and users have the power to turn the wheels around having enabled the meteoric rise of these tech powers in social media. The average consumers presence and subscriptions are the result of the phenomenal power gained by social media tech oligarchs now biting the hands of the citizens feeding the tech social media growth. Anything out of control demonstrated in policy and management are to be contained in protection of basic rights and civil liberty.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant

Author & Presenter





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