Global Straits – Hegemonic Terror, Greed and Corruption

July 26, 2012

By Padmini Arhant

Humanity confronted with three major straits emanating from hegemonic manufactured terror, greed driven policies epitomizing corruption and pervasive abuse of power undermining sovereignty and basic rights worldwide.

The hegemony ulterior motive being global dominance – self-destructive agenda premised on military might, economic austerity combined with income distribution inequality and corruption heightened by absolute power in feudalist system justifying empowerment of few and enslavement of the rest.

In exerting authoritarianism with first amendment rights suppression demonstrated in law enforcement brutality towards peaceful protesters, civil rights encroachment online and daily life surveillance, experience at airports all carried out under the guise of national security in the United States and trend replicated in regions under globalists control,

The extreme power rejects constitutionality behind governance implementing counterproductive measures with inevitable failure.

Typically exemplified in Syrian conflict escalation with terrorism openly promoted to decimate a sovereign nation.

The trajectory in Iraq, Libya, Yemen, Bahrain and Egypt emboldened through generous military aid at average Americans expense continued in Syria.

Similarly nonchalant drone strikes in Pakistan and Afghanistan dismiss civilian casualties in the so-called war on terror.

Warfare is the mechanism for national and regional destabilization aimed at unlimited access to resources in that territory.

Militarization via permanent bases and controversial tactical weapons such as short and long range ballistic missiles ICBM with nuclear warheads perpetuate unwarranted tension necessitating disproportionate military spending at global population costs witnessed in Europe, United States, emerging and developing economies prioritizing massive defense budget instead of divestments in national economy and peace projects benefitting all.

Communication media in diverse form again exploited for propaganda and innuendoes against truth presenters and challengers standing up to status quo.

The varying degree from malaise aggressive attacks not excluding death threats,character defamation,discrediting authentic information with pseudo counteract creations to subtle and deceptive overtones supposedly angelic versions target individuals regarded arch nemesis for seeking productive peaceful solutions to problems attributed to those at the political,economic and societal helm.

Essentially the powerful forgetting the roots and background upon possession of clout pledge allegiance to global powers flawed policies depriving vast majority existence with dignity.

On the economic front,the widening gap between haves and have-nots exacerbated with strategies safeguarding selective interests from collective contribution denying meaningful remedies scope to alleviate if not avert crisis.

Bank bailouts in an effort to sustain private financial control over money supply and public assets adopted regardless of devastating ramifications on the people burdened with ultimate responsibility.

Not to mention national sovereignty compromise with facilitators viz. Central Banks, IMF, World Bank and prominent governments interference in economic and political decision making leading to subjugation.

Citizens as taxpayers bear the brunt absolving financial institutions accountability irrespective of them being actual recipients and defaulters in the deal.

Interestingly, regulations pertinent for checks and balances systematically removed from economic sector in the face of systemic violations on every account by corporations whether it is financial debacle or environment disasters – the erroneous actions directly affecting life and habitat.

Contrarily, corporations involvement in political process beginning with campaign finance and advance to drafting legislations favor corporate profiteering not necessarily shared among workforce evident in the stagnant unemployment data and,

Accordingly nor generating tax revenues to boost economy and reduce fiscal woes of the nation.

Corruption is a global epidemic crippling nations with strong opposition to civil society proposals for transparency and anti-graft laws to deter bribery in cash and kind inflicting immense misery.

Concurrently, tax evasions worth several trillion dollars in offshore havens by the affluent transcending denomination pose impediments in improving living standards especially hurting the middle class and lower income demography with large percentage in impoverished category forced to absorb bulk liability in the absence of effective means to contain and prevent imminent financial structure collapse.

Swiss banks, Singapore and many island destinations enabling money laundering and hoarding prohibit scrutiny under merchant-client privilege used as a barrier for nations to probe illegal transactions across international network.

Notwithstanding others like Indian political leaderships successfully barring investigation, impasse in passing bills on corruption and tax revenue recovery that could potentially save significant lives in India and elsewhere.

Social injustice is the culmination of abovementioned factors – Police State fortified with military prowess and excess force to curtail legitimate dissent on domestic and foreign policy endangering republic status.

Washington has been long broken and fixing scattered mirror pieces would not renew appearance or functionality.

The same scenario applicable to U.S. allies in Europe, Asia, Middle East and all around.

Hence starting afresh with members committed to serving electorate and nation at large reflected in track record for incumbents and new aspirants contesting election devoid of corporate and foreign funding along with comprehensive resolutions to all outstanding national and global issues would pave the way for desperately required change.

Political contenders are not pandering to relevant base as often projected in media hype during election year.

The tough stance on United States military interventions and easing pressure on corporations attracting Wall Street donations are appeasement of globalists plan to establish one world government in semblance with United Nations, European Union and crumbling euro zone as prototype for imperialistic quest.

These organizations i.e. UNSC, EU and Euro Zone represented by NATO have been instrumental in imposing economic sanctions and military operations with western powers as New World Order chief representatives consistently proliferate violence and quantify human suffering in Middle East, Europe and world over.

Supremacy has never prevailed in the past and hoping to triumph at present is chasing a dream that will never be a reality.

Wars waged under false pretext throughout history have resulted in cataclysmic repercussions and unilateral provocation or otherwise would be preemptive affecting the origin than rival.

Dismantling NATO and reorganizing UN General Assembly for inclusiveness extending membership to Palestinian state subsequent to granting statehood at the UN with full honor and alike decisively guarantee world peace.

Rationality overriding far-fetched ambition would restore credibility in sincere participation towards political stability and prosperity across the globe.

People power could no longer remain dormant in the ever-rising threat to freedom and democracy.

Solidarity at the national and global level against divide and conquer principle would foster resolve to overcome invasion in any respect.

Optimism and dedication to the cause would provide victory.

Peace to all

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant


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