Global Security – Terrorism and Surveillance

August 4, 2016

Fountain. Artist Padmini Arhant
Fountain. Artist Padmini Arhant
Aperture: 2.2
Camera: iPhone 6
Iso: 100
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Padmini Arhant. FOUNTAINFlames to Flowers with PEACE. Tranquility not TERROR.

By Padmini Arhant

Terrorism is the primary concern threatening global security. Understanding the issue is important to ascertain the cause and effects behind terror. Terrorism terrorizing the world facilitates fear mongering alongside.

Terrorism is a new trend in the twenty first century following  9/11 attack in the United States to achieve the Project for New American Century.  The agenda to invade nations for resources like oil, minerals, gold and much more initially targeted United States and used the event as the premise. The invasion of Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and Syria were pursued allowing terrorism to emerge and proliferate to prolong wars in separate regions of the world.

Anything to originate requires seed and nurturing for growth.  Accordingly, wars and weapons supply provide the basis for terror to exist and evolve into factions with different names but single ideology and that is to deny the global population peace.

The presence and possession of military might not barring nuclear arsenal apparently unable to deter and contain terrorism in the adlib war on terror.  The other aspect is global surveillance, dragnet intelligence networks and state of the art technology in effect somehow miss foiling terror plots and terror groups activities claiming many innocent lives all over.

Terrorism is also linked with specific religion i.e. Islam with the intention to spread Islamophobia although there are recruits from other faiths comprising the minority.  The concept of terror materialized with funding, training and providing complete military range artillery and ammunitions to engage in full scale operations in Libya, Syria and Iraq.  The governments direct involvement in fostering terrorism deployed in Syria splitting them into moderate and radical outfits clarifies the source behind terror. 

Why is terrorism the latest war strategy and how does terror tactics play into widespread fear and instability?

Terror has replaced conventional warfare eliminating the requirement for congressional or parliament approval that is otherwise necessary attracting public dissent against war.  Sponsoring terrorism circumvents these obstacles and pave way towards open never ending military intervention via terror operatives hired on taxpayer payroll for specific objectives viz. destabilizing sovereign nations, removal of democratically elected governments under regime change stratagem and occupying the country to access and exploit available assets and reserves through colonization.

Terror is the convenient mode to raise apprehensions with the intention to paralyze life and economy.  Terrorism is also found expedient to polarize society and foment prejudice. Freedom is considered a liability in the main goal to retain control and prolong status quo.

The possibility of terror and terror related incidents are the results of complicity and collaborative efforts among the forces embarked on a mission to modify geopolitical landscape against changing economic conditions albeit not without political, military and intelligence knowledge. 

Terrorism cannot prevail in the absence of weapons trade and delivery that are legislatively authorized by parallel government EU lifting the arms embargo rather than extending the ban. Similarly, UNSC – the body empowered with veto authority promotes military actions and policies to safeguard key members vested interests.

The leaderships and governments behind wars and violence with no accountability whatsoever regardless of war crimes and culpable indulgence in direct violation of the office they hold and preside as the head of the state set precedence for terror masterminds to emulate the practice on the license to kill at will.

The political mandate misinterpreted as extra judicial power in launching military aggressions, predator drones or terror associated endeavor leave behind thousands in casualty and millions in refugee status with lives torn apart and destroyed in the willful participation of those in the position of power.

Above all, there is no remorse or regrets amongst the world leaders and elected representatives identified for the misuse of power and contrarily the audacity is further exemplified by them to repeat the same at another opportunity.

These settings serve terrorism with the distinction being one granted immunity while the other ride on notoriety.

Terrorism is the contemporary dilemma legitimized for purpose beyond justification with little or no respect for humanity and environment despite the decision proved counterproductive and compromising present and future generations prospects for peaceful existence.

Abandoning failed experiments would be the turning point in history.

Peace to all!

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant






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