Global Security – Dismantling Military Industrial Complex and Closing Permanent Base

September 16, 2012

By Padmini Arhant

The predominant threat to sovereignty and global security is the military industrial complex with permanent base around the world.

Offense under defense pretext in the so-called war on terror transcends borders, disregards life and cause immense suffering to humanity.

Military aggression rejecting peace and diplomacy provides impetus for MIC generated terrorism and nuclear arms race.

The pentagon budget by far the most extravagant with exemption from internal or external audit facilitates offshore adventures producing casualties considered collateral damages in nonchalant perpetual warfare.

Regardless of political affiliations, the administrations complicity in warfare and military action not only undermines United States sovereignty but also emboldens hegemony in encroaching foreign territory.

The darkest day in United States history being September 11, 2001 – the carefully planned, methodical and well coordinated heinous crime against humanity committed on American soil to promote diabolical agenda PNAC – Project for New American Century.

PNAC – a far-fetched ambition for global dominance knocking governments perceived as obstacles on the path to control resources especially oil and minerals or strategic interests conceived by neo-conservatives adhering to Zionist ideology along with imperialists and oligarchy cohesion launched September 11, 2001 attack in accordance with reference in PNAC

“Something big and catastrophic like Pearl Harbor required for project implementation.”

Not only the entire scheme systematically carried out with explosives planted in the building ahead of event but also ample warnings and conspicuous signs brought to previous administration attention by those unaware of the plot deliberately ignored aiding and abetting in the choreographed act.

Upon successful September 11, operation, PNAC architects with government authorization pursued wars in Afghanistan and Iraq extended over to Yemen, Sudan, and Somalia continued in Libya and ongoing in Syria.

With September 11 as the premise the so-called war on terror escalated against global citizens in series of organized terrorism in Europe and elsewhere to support relentless wars boosting defense industry stocks and maintaining imperialistic quest.

Meanwhile serious ramifications on domestic economy in United States and Europe neglected due to disproportionate military spending depriving citizens essential programs ands services alongside skyrocketing national debt funding these wars and severe austerity imposed on tax payers – the actual financiers of illegal invasions and occupations much against their vehement opposition.

The supposed war on terror under false pretense waged against nations subjecting people across the globe to deaths, destruction and tyranny through imprisonment of terror suspects held in indefinite detention in Guantanamo bay, Bagram base and Abu Ghraib…denying habeas corpus i.e. the right to legal representation, renditions such as abductions, kidnappings for dispatch to overseas secret prisons, torture viz. water boarding, sleep deprivation and intimidation tactics adopted in direct violation of Geneva convention and human rights.

Furthermore, the war on terror specifically targets Islam – the sacred religion and Islamic nations motivated by colonial prejudice triggering sectarianism per divide and conquer strategy.

The illegal invasion of Afghanistan and Iraq also led to squandering hard earned U.S. tax payer funds and national embezzlements with billions of dollars gone missing unaccounted for in pentagon budget not to mention the profiteering and fortune amassment by corporations like KBR (Kellogg, Brown and Root) and Halliburton headed by former Vice President Dick Cheney never brought under public scrutiny for wealth recovery.

The incessant war on victims in the war zone is well known with millions displaced as refuges and remain orphans, widows, and homeless enduring despair and life long misery.

Notwithstanding the chaos and mayhem from wars leaving a permanent scar on the young, vulnerable and impressionable minds having no option but fall prey to terror recruitments as desired by war mongering factions to justify unjust intrusions using lies and deception for eternity.

The fact barring own others’ life has no meaning or value proven time and time again by belligerence and authoritarianism under democratization guise and liberty oxymoron to them reflected in trajectory thus far.

Sparing none in the insatiable appetite for global conquest, the troops largely comprising economically disadvantaged young men and women across the spectrum joining armed forces and,

Simultaneously passionate youth expressing willingness to serve the nation are exploited with excruciating experiences resulting in alarmingly higher suicides among soldiers,

Besides nationally embarrassing conduct exhibited by them before in Vietnam followed by similar behavior or worse in Iraq, Afghanistan and every war torn nation.

War veterans’ account of army and economic sector – defense, finance and energy in particular collusion with political leaderships to promote violence in the name of national security often treated with indignation and,

Likewise peace activists’ messages distorted and every attempt made to discredit source via character defamation, caricature, and offensive indecent communication contradictory to propagandists self-image falsely projected as cultured, civil, educated, elite and sophisticated members in society.

Nonetheless, real heroes are not deterred by reactionary agents deluded practices bound to hurt origin than intended subject.

Yet another conundrum to military expansionism is permanent military settlements worldwide including island nations in the Pacific Rim.

The contentious military base again facing strong local resistance for various legitimate reasons ranging from crimes involving sexual assaults against minor residents in Okinawa, Japan,

Civilian dwelling transformed into army cantonment – for instance sprawling green zone in Iraq, paramilitary and private contractors deployment in urban areas in Iraq, Pakistan and Libya pose major impediments to community normal existence not excluding environmental pollution attributed to health hazards in the occupied state.

Hegemony convincing political leaderships of these nations given the alliance between them through privileged club membership rejects public opinion in this regard.

The state leaders slight actual problems confronting people in the wake of illegal occupation failing to recognize the inherent danger in surrendering national will and sovereignty to foreign power.

Ending permanent military presence essentially colonization imminent to restore independent status world over allowing peaceful co-existence otherwise blocked enforcing military dependency on United States and NATO.

Korean Peninsula and Persian Gulf are primary examples with United States and NATO incursions accompanied by constant military drills on Yellow and Arabian Sea respectively instigate nations to prop up military capability plus nuclear aspiration.

Recent development on South China Sea directed at China in preparation for unwanted skirmishes is an invitation for preventable crisis.

The speculations on adversaries’ defense formidability in return utilized by military industrial complex to increase investments in conventional and innovative stockpiles as well as short and long range ballistic missiles.

Replicating pattern on Baltic Sea with NATO surrounding eastern bloc states and U.S. forces in Central Asia aimed at Russia is needless provocation.

Spreading across to Africa – AFricom is a U.S. military organization set up for oligarchy access to rich natural endowments in that continent.

The organization acting on U.S. State Department directed by Council on Foreign Relations and Trilateral Commission focused on monopoly with a competitor China vying for solid economic ties in the region.

Despite material possessions in abundance, Africa economic disparity leading to abject poverty, hunger, disease and environmental issues linked to civil wars with huge arms and ammunition influx from major economic powers disrupting political stability and steady growth in the economy.

Africa emancipation from foreign economic and military interference would deliver anticipated outcome – better living conditions for all.

Latin America – The democratically elected governments non-compliance to hegemonic demands removed from office through coup d’état for U.S. and allies military takeover.

Colombia is a key location for United States military challenging nations in South America to curb Brazil influence with Venezuela viewed as adversary to gain authority over oil reserves in that nation.

United States military, State department and Department of Justice role in fighting drug wars in Colombia, Mexico and across Latin America exacerbated with programs like “Fast and Furious’ finding indirect means to arm drug warlords and avenues for drug supply reaching United States and other parts of the world.

The intensification of issues rather than resolving them confirms sinister motives and lack of respect for life.

U.S. ceasing artillery distribution to drug cartels in Latin America would significantly contain and perhaps eliminate narcotics war destroying lives everywhere.

Contemporarily NATO and United States joint or separate military firepower has decimated nations with bloodshed having become normal occurrence throughout the world witnessed in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq, Yemen, Bahrain, Libya and Syria.

Hence dismantling NATO and military industrial complex closing military base world over honoring life and people a priority intercepting hegemony goal – blood stained profits and unattainable geopolitical supremacy.

Currently, humanity plight stems from New World Order system gradually crept in replacing democracy.

Council 0n Foreign Relations (CFR) and Trilateral Commission comprising self-proclaimed elitists and affluent members with complete disconnect from the real world and Main Street formulate policies instructing U.S. State department and Defense department to execute perilous order.

The appointments to head these departments are also decided by CFR and NWO chief protagonists rendering executive branch and congress mere formality for approval.

Consolidated mass movement with voice from global village could terminate NWO and every organization supporting the formation of one world government, single currency and enslavement.

Military industrial complex and NWO is the terror at present mercilessly consuming life and now is the time for convoluted concept to desist freeing humanity from oppression and persecution.

Wishing righteous people power pledged to peace and non-violence glorious victory against declining presumptuous conglomerate.

Peace to all!

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant


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