Global sanctions against Wuhan lab and Scientists

September 16, 2020

Global sanctions against Wuhan lab and Scientists

Padmini Arhant

In light of revelations confirming COVID19 origin and design i.e. the corona virus bio-engineered in Wuhan lab at the Wuhan Institute of Virology, China wreaking havoc in terms of health catastrophe and economic collapse worldwide, the following action is necessary to deter ongoing and other non-transparent scientific experiments denying international access. Such activities could no longer continue threatening humanity survival and well being.

Furthermore, credible information regarding similar engagement involving Wuhan lab scientists conducting biological experiments using deadly pathogens exceeding Bio Security Level (BSL) thresholds i.e. BSL 3 and BSL 4 being the optimum on thousands of Pakistan population including herdsmen and livestock in Pakistan soil again maintaining opaqueness declining international privy to major collaboration between China and Pakistan military is extremely concerning and deserve universal attention.

Chinese authorities funded and directed biological experiments on corona virus carried out on Pakistani citizens perhaps without any of them knowing anything about the experiment and importantly the purpose behind such secretive discreet scientific endeavor oddly with Pakistani military rather than Pakistan’s scientific or academic community raise legitimate questions on the nature of such biological undertaking.

The seriousness of China’s current biological development in Pakistan lies in the manner the experiments are done with lack of transparency in semblance to corona virus study in Wuhan lab leading to COVID19 outbreak posing challenge in finding cure or prevention to the biggest malady experienced by humanity in modern era.

There is no doubt that Pakistan’s persistent grave economic situation exacerbated by COVID19 has enabled China’s influence and dominance over Pakistan. The China Pakistan economic corridor (CPEC) in Pakistan’s Gwadar sea port under China’s financing and control has further indebted Pakistan in the contentious Belt Road initiative ( BRI) yielding exclusive strategic benefit and economic gains to China while leaving Pakistani ordinary citizens in generational poverty, economic misery and indebtedness to China. 

China’s bio research on corona virus and other pathogens in Pakistan arousing suspicions on possible biological weaponization is valid especially amid exact event in the form of COVID 19 imposed on humanity world over with indefinite paralysis of economy and normal life. 

Chinese authority together with Pakistani military bear responsibility to disclose details on their cooperation withholding no critical aspect of the biological experiments and data primarily to Pakistan citizens and the rest of the world. The world cannot afford or tolerate anymore violation of trust endangering lives, livelihoods in the present or future.

The honest and complete disclosure on China’s scientific ambitions regardless of whether it is related to COVID19 vaccine or any other medical quest is paramount to protect life and mitigate potential disaster.  

Failure to report and share information on ongoing biological trials subjecting humans i.e. Pakistani population and cattle ignoring repercussions could trigger worst problems prolonging health and economic crises hardly contained since COVID19 onset and widespread impact. 

Accordingly, non-compliance from China and Pakistan military keeping the world in the dark would mean global sanctions against Wuhan lab, scientists, officials in communist regime and counterpart in Pakistan military for rejecting humanity health safety and global security.

Chinese authorities behind the controversial biological venture for whatever goals along with Pakistani military abandoning secrecy and adopting transparency is a moral and ethical obligation to own citizens and humanity at large.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant

Author & Presenter





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