Global Revolution – Occupy Wall Street

October 18, 2011

By Padmini Arhant

Citizens organized revolution is sweeping across the globe to deliver a strong message demanding action from political and corporate leaderships responsible for the economic recession worsening by the day.

Occupy Wall Street protests have been peaceful and non-violent thus far with the exception of the isolated incident in Rome, Italy,

Presumably anti-Occupy Wall Street infiltration considering the denigration via television on the worldwide movement as aimless demonstration.

Occupy Wall Street is not against capitalism as purported by Wall Street and government surrogates.

Market economy based on supply and demand with opportunity for every aspiring entrepreneur to succeed in the respective domain allowing competition among various businesses for price and quality control is the viable economic synthesis in any political system – republic governed democracy in particular benefitting both consumers and proprietorships at all times.

Unlike the current economic structure facilitating industry monopoly through acquisitions and mergers as witnessed in the Telecommunication, Technology, Pharmaceutical and Financial sectors…endangering consumer choices and free market enterprise.

Highlighting on the contentious issues –

The status quo is attributed to redefined capitalism i.e.

Corporate governance eliminating republic rule with legislations passed in sole interest of the corporations ensuring bailouts upon default in addition to diverting profits for executive bonuses regardless of performance.

Capitalizing on the manufactured economic woes with exploitation being the modus operandi enabling 1% powerful minority prosperity at the remaining 99% majority peril.

Under globalization market expansion into developing nations has empowered corporations to influence political dynamics generating instability, civil wars and economic inequality along with social unrest and environmental disaster.

Military industrial complex maintained defense industry philosophy is profitability at the death and destruction of innocent lives with wars conducted around the world in perpetuity for political and economic dominance.

Individual freedom and sovereignty threatened with military might and economic deprivation promoting fascism.

Authoritarianism disguised as democracy – Hard line approach under the pretext of law and order is increasingly becoming the norm especially during peaceful assembly of citizens against –

Corruption and cronyism,

Tax evasions with black money hoarded in Swiss bank accounts and other tax havens transferring the astronomical national debt to the 99% population widening the gulf between the rich and poor.

Grand impunity to political and corporate leaderships’ criminal conduct.

Notwithstanding election fraud and constitution subversion,

Illegal occupation and foreign invasion denying fairness, peace and diplomacy in conflict resolutions.

Last but not the least defying nature and planet sustenance with detrimental energy policies such as drilling, mining and nuclear radiation.

Further, air power media bias and clamor used as ammunition to quell dissent with distortion, propaganda and caricatures to malign truth incarcerating whistle blowers in the so-called democratic societies run by oligarchy.

Global revolution focus is to reinstate republic rule with democratic values exemplified in  political freedom, independence, economic progress and social equality for all.

Occupy Wall Street is global phenomenon for universal cause and determined to prevail under peaceful and non-violent popular uprising for political, economic and social reform to protect life on earth.

Republics around the world are requested to build momentum in the ‘Occupy Wall Street’ solidarity to establish world peace and justice.

Please “Reclaim your rights as citizens of the free world’ and,

‘Save the Planet’the only habitat for life.

Peace to all

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant


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