Global Finance – Dissolving Federal Reserve, ECB, World Bank and IMF

September 8, 2012

By Padmini Arhant

Global economy controlled by financial sector under private management has evaded public scrutiny despite being responsible for major debacle since seizing absolute power over money supply.

Reiterating the fact – Federal Reserve in the United States as a private entity with a general impression of representing national banking authority override sovereignty by minting money and profiteering on interest against notes despatched to government for use as Treasury bills and lending money on bonds.

The practice over a century has empowered few individuals and undermined national financial status indefinitely indebted to private organization self-exempted from audit and oversight.

Federal Reserve usurped government in maintaining direct access on cash flow in the economy.

The Federal Reserve handles activities ranging from projections, interest rate determination to intervention in monetary policy on government behalf under the pretext as ultimate decision-making central authority again without the burden of accountability.

In a republican system – the people via government would head these functions and address fiscal issues effectively rather than delegating to private entrepreneurship linked to conglomerate with vested interests evident in the status quo.

Federal Reserve is a private company owned by selective groups in the hegemony hierarchy disguised as an institution to run sovereign nation financial affairs with primary aspiration to sustain consolidated power on national finance and banking industry.

The recruitment in this organization invariably involves hegemony members especially the chairmanship right down to key positions in order to implement agenda designed to favor exclusive proprietorship.

Federal Reserve ineptness and failures on timely interceptions to avert precipitous economic meltdown notably in 2007 and 2008 followed by then chairman Alan Greenspan along with previous administration Treasury Secretary Henry aka Hank Paulson also tied to nexus group call for bank bailouts claiming a do or die situation is a classic example of well coordinated exercise to solidify gains out of calamity.

The tradition continued till today to demonstrate loyalty to Wall Street and hegemony.

Notwithstanding individual profits raked from financial disaster experienced until now and expected to worsen upon allowing dysfunctional and deceptive proxy agencies to operate under the guise of monetary epicenter.

Federal Reserve consistent role in defending banks default and reckless undertakings to receive taxpayer funds at national expense cannot be ignored and confirms the embedded strategy to protect selective cause regardless of endless ramifications with pervasive impact.

United States and other nations under comparable scheme pursuing republic money management in nationalized structure using sovereign currency as monetary unit,

Besides necessary regulations on banking and finance are the only prudent approach abandoning current methods imposed to suit privileged class motives behind manufactured economic crisis.

The stringent measures to curb speculative trading and toxic securities that contributed to global downslide restricted at respective origin could drastically reduce risks facilitating reliable transnational exchange on swaps, futures and contingency liabilities involving diverse products in the international market.

Likewise investment banks or equity management firm divergence adapting to volatile commercial ventures, arbitrary trading and ill advice for short term prospects neglecting long term repercussions exacerbated inherent unpredictability dragging state economy such as Greece to a diminishing point of return.

The beneficiary not surprisingly being the problem source absolved of any compensation, libel and reproach.

Commercial banking – customer deposit security increasingly at stake due to FDIC (Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation) assurance limitations combined with major banks ambitious mergers and acquisitions for market monopoly.

Monitoring overall banking activity i.e. retail and commercial including myriad trade options subjected to independent external verification imperative to avert bank insolvency.

Federal Reserve poignantly serve nexus group with flagrant measures on quick fix basis yielding more uncertainty and perpetual economic turmoil conforming to capitalizing on catastrophe.

Likewise in Europe, the central banks and prominent territorial players dominant in conditional capital provision escalated economic plight through erroneous requirements viz. severe austerity in the absence of growth – possible with result-oriented investments and pragmatic solutions instead of adherence to crumbling euro zone and,

EU commission ironically laden with wasteful expenditure related to bureaucrats exorbitant remuneration amid irrational spending cuts proposal focused on payoff to financiers generating cash from debt.

European Union and euro are New World Order prototypes for emulation world over.

The fundamental flaws in the concept aimed at subjugation of sovereign nations with trade imbalance, general standards applicable to all irrespective of unique challenges, safeguarding banks slighting generational indebtedness on citizen and,

Not to mention interference in political affairs with successful appointment of hegemony representative to implement detrimental policies aggravating citizens hardship than alleviating them.

European Union and euro fragility emanating from contagion effect on negative trends in particular cannot withstand prolonged economic woes experienced by weaker economies ultimately becoming economically stronger nation’s obligation to avoid sinking Titanic scenario.

Others would legitimately expect similar response in synonymous condition posing litmus test for those providing funding to remain fair and equal while preparing to deal with domestic opposition to foreign state bailout.

Globally, the financial dragnet originates from two contentious and controversial setups – World Bank and (IMF) International Monetary Fund.

These two institutions emerged post World War II coinciding UN formation by western powers for easier access to foreign capital and resource.

Accordingly both World Bank and IMF have systematically derailed economies with unreasonable demands such as mandatory membership to force acceptance of rules falsely leading to surrender of sovereignty and securing projects for oligarchy depriving locals the business opportunity.

In other instances, the so-called development programs in developing and poorer nations have benefitted corrupt governments in cohort with capitalists reaping disproportionate returns on meager investment leaving behind deficit economic status or at worst a banana republic like Argentina and Indonesia during the height of excess intrusion.

Contemporarily, IMF and ECB directions to Euro zone members are targeted at enhancing banks capital reserves at population peril.

World bank indulgence in economies largely with sinister intentions has marginalized countries that were otherwise self-sufficient and export-oriented until WB or IMF influence and engagement.

Furthermore World Bank and IMF chief are constantly selected from United States and Europe given their affiliation and affirmation to secret society doctrine.

The remedy is to reject these institutions determined to accomplish objectives verifiably paradoxical to humanity progress.

Every nation reverting to community banks, regulated private finance centers and credit unions and above all –

Money distribution backed by gold under public ownership would be a preliminary step towards freedom from sovereign debt accumulation ending unscrupulous tactics to subvert positive sustenance.

Regional cooperation without compromising individual liberty to enter or exit consortium not barring thoughts and ideas to share among participants for genuine goals guarantee mutually anticipated outcome with dividends on fruits of labor.

The existing organizations in Latin America, BRICS and African nations collaboration to consolidate relevant assets allocating for basic to advanced needs extending beyond borders would be a dependable buffer zone and exponentially deliver financial security.

Non-compliance by victim nations on excruciating terms binding illegal debts,

Republic defiance of fraudulent techniques with coveted image would essentially dissolve premiership adorned by Federal Reserve, ECB, World Bank, IMF and European banks stake holders depleting global wealth for personal luxury.

Henceforth terminating systemic abusive culture attributed to immense suffering worldwide imminent to revive life with dignity.

Wishing republic resurgence in finance, politics, economics and justice for universal prosperity and social equality.

Peace to all!

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant


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