Global Challenge – State Sponsored Terrorism

March 1, 2012

By Padmini Arhant

The greatest challenge facing humanity today is economic and military warfare waged for subjugation leading to global dominance.

National sovereignty undermined through military aggression and economic pressure with severe austerity imposed upon nations submerged in debt created by institutions such as World Bank, International Monetary Fund, Federal Reserve and Central Banks in Europe and around the world is a major threat to global society.

Wall Street investment bankers and equity management firms like Goldman Sachs hedge fund debacle drowned Greek, Spanish… economy with former having made a fortune while the latter battling for survival under tough economic penalty.

It is clear that concentrated wealth acquired deceitfully wielding power over global population directly responsible for the status quo.

The empire with selective members upon meeting the criteria i.e. characteristics paradoxical to anything good has been successful in causing impoverishment and misery.

Espousing values deviating in human ethos indiscriminately inflict atrocity judging from trajectory – the ruthless strategy is empowerment of few and enslavement of the rest.

Up until now the tentacles spread across the globe under economic policy – globalization with political motto – One World government setting the stage for New World Order.

Having founded organizations like United Nations particularly the United Nation Security Council barring contemporary geopolitical and economic regional representation is the tool to authorize embargo – the overt exertion of authority against targets of economic and strategic interest.

New World Order as suggestive in the name exercising hegemony seeks complete surrender of national resources and most importantly individual liberty.

Civil rights eroded under national security pretext with constant surveillance over citizens including racial profiling have become the norm in the land of the free and home of the brave.

Evidently blatant efforts to deny Internet – the viable medium for public awareness and global alert regarding incendiary assault on freedom by political leaders and federal agency directed to intervene in the first amendment bill of rights cannot be ignored.

The White House signatory to Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement (ACTA) along with EU counterpart is apparently set for yet another potent sabotage on mainstream communication.

Reportedly March 8, 2012 – FBI deadline for Internet shut down with Trojan viral bomb potentially malfunctioning computer is the latest cyber scourge to quell dissent against authoritarianism.

Citizens deserve appropriate clarifications from the government behind the looming unconstitutional censorship on freedom of speech.

Occupy movement across the globe in solidarity observing peaceful and non-violent means could efface shadow organization infringement on human existence.

The carefully planned and organized terror attack with federal complicity facilitated Patriot Act granting government and agencies unlimited power in human rights violation prohibiting 9/11 related serious investigations in the land of justice.

Despite compelling evidences comprising eyewitness accounts, expert analysis on controlled demolition contributing to twin towers and world trade center building # 7 collapse,

Not to mention the profiteers from the horrific crime and tragedy caught with foot in their mouth in the monumental insurance fraud and,

Several real perpetrators capitalizing on the opportunity to invade sovereign nations leaving thousands of service men and women killed, millions of lives lost, countless rendered homeless, destitute and refugees in their country – are ironically upheld in high esteem with impunity against prosecution.

The glaring indifferences raise questions in rational minds,

What is the purpose of legal system in the so-called democracy?

Why is the nation that galvanized to bomb Afghanistan based on propaganda chooses to remain silent upon revelations on September 11 attacks and events subsequent to state colluded biggest terror act in mankind history?

When law and justice claws outstretch to track down offenders in civil society and unabashedly pronounce guilty verdicts mounting up to capital punishment,

Why are the political establishment and privileged class exempt from similar scrutiny and never brought to justice for corruption, treason, mass murder and horrendous crimes committed in electorates name?

Besides not being held accountable for smearing national image and jeopardizing integrity of the country they are elected to serve in a democratic society.

Evil emboldened and thrives when goodness is dormant or complacent in the face of death and destruction.

Modern society conundrum is the lawmakers being the lawbreakers with license to subvert facts, intimidate witnesses not excluding mysterious disappearances and control investigative wings to personal advantage.

The practice extended into judicial branch noticeably executing judiciary power on expendable members,

Political helm as mastermind and windfall monetary gains actual beneficiaries on corruptions or racketeering yielding phenomenal profits stashed away in Swiss bank accounts and tax havens at national and international detriments are neither subjected to thorough unadulterated judicial inquiry nor subpoenaed to testify in public domain enabling presumptuous invincibility by default.

Furthermore conventional media and press corps owned by corporations and private entities in cohort with politics endanger democratic principles redefining freedom of press duly subservient to political machinery compromising journalistic standards to the lowest ebb.

The unflinching loyalty to political hierarchy by specific media and print press is abhorrent.

Notwithstanding peripheral affiliates relentless slander and character defamation against those standing up to power proves the coalescence favoring unscrupulousness and impropriety.

As a result conscientious members in civil society and independent investigative journalists admirably rise to the occasion risking life and reputation for national and humanitarian cause infusing rationality as well as objectivity in the otherwise propaganda ravaged discourse promoting narcissistic goals.

Again these diligent crusaders are not spared from political witch-hunt or feudalists and their support base indignation.

United States having been betrayed numerous times is at the crossroads to restore fundamental democratic axioms cognizance of republic governance made possible by severing ties with misleading forces exploiting American benevolence for ideology driven supremacy doomed to fail in the overzealous mission.

The U.S. military command  – Army, Marine, Air Force and National Coast Guards allegiance is pledged to the Star Spangled banner and the nation it represents not the insidious repetitive reconnaissance premised on grandeur seizure of global power.

Brief description of existential menace – All Seeing Eye emblematic of sea pirates notably pioneered the art of piracy with secrecy being the core element contradictory to unprecedented invasion of others privacy is entrenched in divide and conquer philosophy, fear mongering apart from eugenics and apartheid maintained to advance depopulation.

Arguably the network has no religion and is neither an atheist nor agnostic.

However worships GOD – in the denomination of Gold, Oil and Destructive Weapons viz. lethal stocks (Drugs, Arms and Ammunition even nuclear arsenal material such as enriched uranium, Chemical weapons for biowarfare) pursued with overwhelming greed and violence.

The desperation to expedite pre-meditated global conquest is unfolding in synchrony.

European economies are currently succumbing to stringent cuts viz. Greece, Spain…from unreasonable conditionality in ECB, IMF and EU aka Troika loans paving way for economic colonization.

Middle East – U.S. led NATO preparedness and eagerness to strike Syria early March in addition to using none other than another Islamic nation – Turkey troops deployment is consistent with polarization technique applied in usurping power against nations perceived weak and vulnerable.

The nexus organization heralded tearing the Berlin Wall in Germany, bringing down iron curtain in the former Soviet Union only to substitute with tyranny and state sponsored terrorism unveiled on September 11, 2001 and thereafter.

Global revolution is the effective remedy to reclaim sovereignty by rejecting privately owned central banks predominantly financing two-dimensional warfare in the economic and military front crippling societies for ultimate enforcement of NEW WORLD ORDER.

The immediate priority for citizens is to curb any attempts to disrupt or terminate Internet access.

Non-compliance of undemocratic laws designed to exacerbate human suffering.

It could be exemplified in taxpayers refusing to pay taxes spent on warfare,

Misplaced generosity – U.K. foreign aid to growing economy like India demonstrating condescension than compassion,

Worldwide protest against Swiss Banks and tax shelters is imperative.

The discreet holdings not only bankrupt developing and developed economies but also legitimize illicit financial transactions fostering corruption culture.

Likewise demanding black money recovery hoarded in Swiss banks and tax havens regardless of political, economic and social stature would assist in economic development.

Independent inquiry of public officials and leaderships implicated on corruption scandals, vote rigging, and legislation involving bribery, obstruction of justice and above all abuse of power during term in office would confirm functional democracy.

Calling for public trial on 9/11 terrorism and illegal invasions of Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya would categorically reaffirm the democratic stance  –

None are above the law.

Dismantling World Bank, IMF, UNSC used to justify prejudicial economic sanctions and military intervention against selective nations.

Invalidate Federal Reserve to reinstate republic control of money supply in every part of the world.

International Criminal Court of Justice in Hague re-structured to eliminate bias for indictments against war crimes,

Corporate activities harming life and environment,

Social injustices of all kind – ranging from gender inequality, sexual orientation and human trafficking to misuse of religion and neglect of indigenous population.

Vatican City – Christianity’s prosperous religious center assets distribution would substantially improve lives and adequately address poverty, hunger and disease in many regions.

Even perhaps rescue European economies from dire consequences conforming to Lord Jesus Christ teachings on the healing power of kindness through charity.

Wealth and knowledge proliferate upon sharing amongst the deprived and disenfranchised in the society.

Finally, regulations to safeguard global financial security and environment quintessentially alleviate prevalent adversity.

Please remember people possess power to bring about the change benefitting all reversing the trend in isolation, exclusiveness and superiority.

Transparency in political and economic decision-making process is paramount for nation building.

Citizens around the world are requested to come together in laying the foundation for a new beginning with universal peace and freedom.

Peace to all!

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant


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