Global Alert – Verbal Briefing To Resume Upon Meeting Life Saving Requirements

April 26, 2013

By Padmini Arhant

Dear Friends and Citizens of the World,

The verbal briefing and presentation on world events is temporarily suspended while regular publications continue online on the website

Reiterating earlier statement, the suspension is not a war against press, media and global citizenry as falsely propagated by forces responsible for this decision.

Contrarily hegemony controlled and monopolized communication press media worldwide including entertainment industry heavily invested in massive propaganda against rational minds standing up to so-called global power.

In cyberspace doctoring YouTube content to discredit presenter and substance clarifies prevalent extensive invasive policy.

The vigorous campaign against truth speakers and minor family members reeking racial overtones is reflective of cultural decline and desperation resorting to any means to justify their unjustifiable action.

Furthermore, vilification through unlawful innuendoes and insinuations besides congressional efforts to curb alternative voices in passing controversial bills like CISPA confirm new tactics to silence fact based perspective.

The sources i.e. western powers and alliance largely contributing to death and destruction of innocent lives through terrorism in Syria, illegal occupation in Palestine, Afghanistan, Mali, Korean Peninsula…and declining to release Palestinian children and youth held hostages in Israeli prisons and likewise GITMO detainees on hunger strike,

Not to mention covert operations in the rest of the world committing numerous atrocities insist on pursuing violence and annihilation for hegemonic goals and geopolitical dominance causing immense suffering to humanity.

They continue to demonstrate lack of respect for life and ordinary citizens rights slighting current historic humanitarian mission request to change course.

As a result, they are denying world audience knowledge and truthful information on diverse matter critical in contemporary civilization decay with pervasive impact.

The verbal interaction will resume upon meeting the minimum requirements among various listed in previous submission.

1. Ending Syrian conflict beginning with arms embargo to terrorists and complete withdrawal of terror groups from Syrian soil.

Terror groups to unconditionally release religious representatives viz.

Greek Orthodox Metropolitan of Aleppo and Iskenderun, Bishop Paul Yazigi and

Syriac Orthodox Metropolitan of Aleppo, Bishop John Ibrahim

Western sponsored, armed and funded terrorists reportedly abducted both members with no information about captives safety until now.

2. Lifting all sanctions against Gaza, Syria, Iran, North Korea and Cuba.

3. Palestine – Unconditional release of all hostages in Israeli prison – at least 4500 reportedly held in indefinite detention.

Freezing settlement activities in occupied territories of Palestine viz. West Bank, al-Quds East Jerusalem and withdrawal of Israeli forces from Palestinian land.

Moving ahead with Palestinian statehood recognition conforming to pre-1967 border demarcation.

4. United States – Release of all GITMO detainees for safe return to homeland.

Abandon drone strikes in Pakistan, Afghanistan, Yemen and Somalia.

Release of abducted Pakistan civilians by intelligence agency.

5. Korean Peninsula – ceasing incursion and begin troop pullout from region.

6. Bahrain – Ending al-Khalifa regime violent crackdown against peaceful protesters for compliance with democratic reform.

7. Myanmar – addressing Rohingya Muslims plight with immediate relief and citizen rights recognition.

8. Mali – Terminating France and UN aggression under peacekeeping deployment.

Instead expediting humanitarian assistance to local population allowing the nation to recover from foreign intervention inflicted carnage.

9. India – Demilitarization of Kashmir, Manipur and North Eastern states facilitating peaceful dialogue for stability and progress. Mobilizing anti-corruption aka Jan Lokpal legislation to suit national and republic anticipation.

10. Egypt, Jordan, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Oman – Obliging citizens’ requirements for political transformation.

Since these issues are directly related to life and death of innocent people unnecessarily subjected to horrendous pain and misery, the respective authorities fair response prioritizing humanitarian crises is a reasonable expectation.

The leaderships in power are urged to set aside individual and political reservations to save lives rather than exacerbate victims experience in these parts of the world.

Regular discourse will start soon after relevant authorities delivery on these major challenges confronting global society.

Look forward to positive outcome dedicated to global peace and security.

Peace to all!

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant


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