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July 12, 2021

Global Affairs

Padmini Arhant 

Hello World!

The House Republicans Hearing on COVID19 is welcome. The American families and global citizens as victims of the pandemic rightfully deserve the committee inviting the key members and exponents of the Gain of Function Research (GOFR) viz. 

The pioneer of Corona Virus in Gain of Function Research – Professor Ralph Steven Baric from the University of North Carolina (UNC), Chapel Hill, NC and 

Dr. Peter Daszak – EcoHealth Alliance – the conduit between Dr. Anthony Fauci headed NIAID and NIH in funding the bioengineered SARS COV2 in Wuhan Virology Institute, China. 

Thank you.

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There are events happening worldwide amid the pandemic unleashed on humanity via bioengineered corona virus SARS COV2 in the bizarre and controversial Gain of Function Research (GOFR) having consumed more than half a million lives in the United States and several millions across the globe.

Yet the Congressional hearing on this critical subject COVID 19 SARS COV2 origin and misrepresentation thereafter intended and implemented for pervasive impact world over is apparently not relevant to the majority in the House of United States Congress.

Speaker Nancy Pelosi and the so-called progressives led by Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC), Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib among several others in the democrat party along with their counterparts on the other side of the aisle – certain Republican members in name only (RINO) such as Liz Cheney and few others visibly vocal in branding American citizens seeking truth on all matter – domestic terrorists, 

While turning their backs on the constituents and electorate – the American families who have lost their loved ones and paying a phenomenal price on the pandemic induced health and economic crises is unfortunate. These representatives in Congress ignoring the COVID-19 transparent congressional inquest is deeply regrettable and reprehensible.

As stated earlier on this website in previous articles regarding the COVID-19 open investigation, those members with power claiming to represent the people i.e. their constituents and the nation at large choosing to remain oblivious with resistance to COVID-19 public trial are essentially committing heinous crime against humanity.  Notwithstanding treason in politicizing COVID-19 by declining bipartisan congressional inquiry and simultaneous enforcement of mandatory vaccination through private sectors is one of many serious violations of electorate trust.

Not to mention the vaccine maelstrom producing myocarditis to neurological disorders posing a major conundrum for FDA in the vaccine campaign with more vaccines in the form of boosters to be rolled out by Pfizer as big Pharma in the industry is significant to be neglected as conspiracy theory.

COVID-19 – SARS COV2 has left indelible mark in human health history and global economic collapse affecting millions of lives across the globe. The pandemic effect has been far more debilitating than any nuclear attack that would have been generally specific to territory unlike the world wide catastrophe inflicted by the manufactured virus. Again in the contemporary era, the nuclear position could no longer be frivolous without retaliation in similar or other conventional and technological response. The bio-engineered virus continues to cause mayhem disrupting human life and activities in the end game aimed at mega profits and global agenda.

Every freedom loving individual caring about their health and that of their loved ones are obligatory to seek fact finding hearing by the government as legislative body at the federal, state and local jurisdictions to get to the bottom of the pandemic adequately and accurately detailed in the COVID 19 dossier.


Haiti – The assassination of President Jovenel Moïse

”The news reports worldwide – On Wednesday, 7th July 2021 – the Haitian President, Jovenel Moïse, was shot and killed at his private residence in the hills above the capital, Port-au-Prince.”

Why is Haiti the hot bed for political assassinations and coup d’é·tat regardless of administrations in the United States forcing the Haitian population to survive on mud cakes in the aftermath of relentless external interventions in the country ruined and recked for commercial and political gains by forces submitted to traditional foreign interference?

Interestingly, the state of Florida having been subject to the recent condominium collapse with many lives lost in the tragic incident and now two residents reportedly Haitian Americans from the southern state are linked along with several other suspects from Colombia in the political crime of a foreign nation viz. Haiti.


Afghanistan – U.S. Troops Withdrawal and Aftermath Succession.

The long awaited incremental troops pull out from Afghanistan battle ground is an event that should have occurred soon after the outcome was clear in the first decade of the twenty first century i.e. 2010 and prior. Nonetheless, the belated decision is better late than never having lost more than trillion American tax payers dollars in the two decades since invasion and occupation of the foreign land in October 2001.

However, the present scenario leaving behind arms and ammunitions in the course of U.S. troops evacuation for Taliban and drug war lords possession raise poignant question on the situation. Furthermore, the vested interests manifestations in the mineral rich Afghanistan from neighbors near and far for targeted reasons thus far proved economically counterproductive. Afghanistan history is testament to the fact on illegal invasion by past imperialists and colonialists ranging from the British to the former Soviet Union and lately the United States forced into withdrawal and subsequent crumbling of the empire. The fall of British Imperialism to disintegration and dissolution of the former Soviet Union are not mythical events to be slighted in historical reference.

As for the emerging economic and contentious power, the communist party of China (CCP) succession in Afghanistan utilizing economic debtor Pakistan to deepen violence, terrorism and fundamentalism ripe with the latter’s alliance and strong foothold in the unmanned region of Pakistan’s tribal areas in Waziristan and Durand line sharing border with Afghanistan long known as Al Qaeda operatives and radical factions of Taliban insurgents’ safe haven, China’s strategy might not deliver outcome different from imperial predecessors i.e. former occupiers experience in Afghanistan.

Pakistan’s courtship with violent groups within and across Afghanistan border in the supply and exchange of firearms and weaponry is common knowledge. Meanwhile, the Indian government headed by Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Indo-Afghan policy comprising billions of dollars investment in Kabul not only resulted in severe backlash evident in attacks on Indian embassy and violence against Indian assets but also impetus China to curtail Indian political and economic relations with Afghan government. The developments and economic relations between India and Afghanistan are yet to produce any verifiable win win environment.

There is no shadow of doubt, the ever ambitious CCP – China’s communist party economic investments in infrastructure and financial bailouts of developing and developed economies promote hegemonic aspirations besides creating generational indebtedness and undermined sovereignty that are not necessarily beneficial to the benefactor CCP or the make-believe beneficiary viz. China’s monetary aid recipients. The choices are also not widely available considering the central banks authorities in London such as the Bank of England, the global monetary institutions like the World Bank, the International Monetary Fund (IMF), European Central Bank, European Commission and other key financial players are partners with China’s central bank referred to as People’s Bank of China (PBOC) currently engaged in the balancing act of local currency Yuan management and forex rates aimed at upgrading Yuan as an alternative international floating denomination directly competing with the U.S. dollar.

Perhaps the real richest and wealthiest globalists driving the entire gamut viz. the Rothschilds in London, the Du Pont family, the Rockefeller, the Vanderbilt, the Waltons to name a few… along side the self-proclaimed Royals in Britain and Europe as incognito trillionaires could shed light on hedging financial markets to suit core individual and selective wealthy goals. 

Finally, Afghanistan is anything but conducive to foreign dominance invariably leading to expulsion of foreign interests from Afghan soil. Additionally, the lesson taught in Afghanistan illegal invasion and occupation is not to hold the misconception on Afghanistan as a failed state. Those who venture into Afghanistan with the misguided belief of reining control inevitably fall into the category of Failed Mission.

It is anybody’s guess to assume the established consequence as a blessing for the Afghans and a curse for the invaders unwilling to recognize the cost benefit ratio of wanton endeavors.

With Best Wishes to People in Afghanistan and Haiti in their struggle for freedom, peace and progress, the reminder to the powerful is not to exert power as governments or tech giants in social media silencing free speech, truth and individual rights anywhere.

Unlike the system in the world, in God’s Kingdom justice might be delayed but never denied. 

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant

Author & Presenter


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