Germany – Munich Security Conference

February 6, 2012

By Padmini Arhant

The security conference in Munich, Germany hosted speakers on many important issues.

However, the event being related to security – the emphasis on global security is relevant.

The major threat to international security is prolific arms race and nuclear arsenal.

U.S. and NATO nuclear warheads with Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles (ICBM) in Eastern Europe viz. Poland is persisting provocation not to mention over 1000 U.S. military bases around the world having transformed the so-called free world into a beleaguered fortress.

Warsaw Pact replaced with Collective Security Treaty Organization (CSTO) to counteract NATO expansion significantly defines the undercurrent amongst U.S led NATO and Russia in self-defense.

Despite START treaty and other defense programs agreement between the Cold War rivals,

U.S and NATO existing overt and covert operations pose a greater challenge to all sovereign nations around the world.

Conventional and tactical weapons production and exchange is exponentially higher heightening the security risks across the globe.

Energy dependent economies deals with oil rich countries comprising arms exports for oil imports is predominantly responsible for the status quo i.e. ravaging civil wars in Africa, drug wars in Latin America and armed conflicts in democracy seeking Middle East revolutions.

The concept alluding to cause for ammunition supply is evident in Latin America especially Mexico, Colombia, Ecuador, Panama…confronted with narco trade warfare.

Africa – the senseless attacks in the name of religion against Christians in Nigeria or political term dispute in Senegal and cattle raid in the volatile territory near South Sudan resulting in the destruction of lives and livelihood could not have occurred without arms distribution including explosive materials to these regions that would otherwise benefit from economic, educational and basic survival development.

In the Middle East – The fire starters pretense to be fire extinguishers utilizing United Nations Security Council (UNSC) as the tool for economic sanctions and open-end arms embargo exacerbate the prevalent humanitarian crisis in the economic, political, social and environmental aspect.

Notwithstanding the Persian Gulf incursion with extensive troop redeployment from Iraq in Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and Qatar,

While, Bahrain established as the official United States naval fleet base for global showdown.

The growing mistrust and apprehension in the violence ridden atmosphere arguably weakens peace efforts due to global dominance ambitions with military might on the rise.

Asia – The reluctance to pursue peace and military exercise with South Korea to intimidate North Korea and,

Military build up in Asia Pacific with allies like Australia on alert in Darwin base,

Not barring tension on South China Sea is a warning to China – one of the two ultimate targets with Russia being the other in the far-flung dragnet for global conquest.

Indian Sub-Continent – Pakistan hit with drone strikes and CIA paramilitary force on the ground alongside continuous U.S unilateral authorization of NATO assaults in North Western Pakistan such as Waziristan is facilitating militancy and fundamentalism now spreading across the Islamic republics in Central Asia.

Previously the Soviet Union controlled Central Asian territories rich in oil and natural gas could not be infiltrated for occupation or fundamentalist activities currently pervasive in the aftermath of U.S. invasion of Afghanistan and Pakistan.

The fundamentalism inculcating Sharia law is channeled via Pakistan and Saudi Arabia into Islamic states in Central Asia – Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, and Turkmenistan…

The religious schools – Madrassas funded by Saudi Arabia to maintain orthodox customs against Islam – the religion of peace and equality per natural creation is an avenue for subjugation in society.

Theological subversions through madrassas in Pakistan or Zionism in Israeli occupied Palestinian West Bank and East Jerusalem contributes to acrimony.

Religion used for malefic intent is sacrilege inevitably affecting the source and instruments in accordance with natural process of reaping what one sows in life.

The irony in post-industrialization era is the decline of tolerance and acceptance with class, creed and gender bias dominant in modern civilization regardless of education, technology and economic advantage.

Social progress measured by economic standards in the absence of moral, ethical and human values is hindrance to humanity prospects for elevation beyond materialism leading to spiritual enlightenment.

Shifting focus on U.S. and NATO strategy in Pakistan with provincial secession movement underway in Baluchistan and Sindh… presumably instigated by western intelligence,

The democratic and military leaderships in Pakistan demand for complete U.S. withdrawal is justified following NATO encroachment killing 24 Pakistan soldiers and Abbottabad mission in 2011.

The possibility for any terror groups, drug cartels and nefarious elements to thrive is remote provided government policies are directed towards nation building devoid of corruption.

Besides effective proactive domestic measures without compromising civil rights in conjunction with intelligence and law enforcement role would eliminate crimes and opportunity for foreign intervention.

Poignantly, state sponsored terrorism is the contemporary enigma for global society.

Waging wars under false pretexts ignoring casualties and international law.

Government crackdown on peaceful assembly and political dissidents subjected to abuse of power.

Legislative actions calling for access denial to cyberspace under the guise of protecting local interests.

Citizens dilemma is dismantling infrastructure with foundation laid on greed, corruption and ideology serving the nexus misguided aspirations at the vast majority peril.

Collectively the task could be undertaken to elect leaderships and representatives meeting the eligibility criteria – integrity, intelligence combined with commitment to public and national service.

Individually the desire for sacrifice originating from compassion would promote peace and harmony within and outside.

Global security is largely dependent on political and economic freedom that guarantees social justice.

Leaderships’ dedication to world peace and cooperation in improving life for all is required to address the manufactured complexity.

Life is purposeful upon kindling the spirit of oneness expressed in alleviating others pain and suffering.

Human potential expended in constructive outcome enhances the quality of life experienced in science and technology.

Such investments in politics and behavioral sociology would deliver positive returns and a paradigm for the future.

Pursuing peace over war is the only meaningful and rational approach to safe existence.

Life is to be cherished and celebrated and not inflicted harm for personal goals.

Wishing success to crusaders of peace and human rights in the world.

Peace to all!

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant






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