Gaza Casualties and U.S.Embassy Relocation to Jerusalem

May 15, 2018

Gaza Casualties and U.S. Embassy Relocation to Jerusalem 

Padmini Arhant

The international reports on casualties suffered by Gazans from Israel’s firing in yesterday’s protest with at least 58 killed and several injured is regrettable and reprehensible. 

Whenever the heavily armed and militarily well equipped side i.e. Israel in this instance launches lethal force against another side targeting and killing people in wheelchair, such act naturally attracts worldwide condemnation. 

The strength of any authority is not in exercising brute violence causing massive loss of lives when in fact such action only demonstrates weakness and desperation with no care or concern for civilian deaths as it appears to have happened in this incident. 

The protests in Gaza reminding international community of unresolved Palestinian crisis is noted. There is no doubt that Palestinian issue deserves fair and peaceful resolution. The earlier attempts to broker peace has failed predominantly due to United States bias towards Israel evident in blocking every U.N. resolutions on Israel’s violations in settlement activity and occupation of Palestinian territory.

More than seventy years old Israeli- Palestinian conflict could no longer continue letting the situation get worse inflicting generational pain and misery on world watch with no respite to victims of this senseless confrontation.

Accordingly, UN General assembly is called upon to convene an international meeting on Palestinian statehood, ending settlement activity in West Bank, East Jerusalem and removing the Israeli and Egypt imposed unilateral sea and air blockades restricting basic supplies and survival needs on Gazans are imperative.

All nations regardless of UN membership are invited to vote on this matter in an effort to conclude the long overdue Palestinian issue. 

The human rights violations in the name of Israel’s right to self defense bears no justification. Any disputes that should be settled through peaceful and civil discourse has better prospects to all sides while setting precedence for future adaptation. 

As for US relocation of embassy to Jerusalem, the gesture is a sign of US administration and Presidency cowering to foreign authority and Israeli lobbyists will rather than exhibiting fairness that demands courage and discernment. 

Keeping promises made whether right or wrong and moving forward to save personal image at vast majority expense is the confirmation of leadership lacking in vision and commitment towards global peace and security.

Any region in constant turmoil as applicable to Middle East largely related to Israeli occupation of Palestinian land, the events pose major threat to world security. 

President Donald Trump’s decision to remain defiant on this matter only highlights the office of Presidency hamstrung to oblige a phenomenal mistake not without consequences considering Jerusalem is a city that belongs to other faiths as well. The Trump administration’s blindsided approach to boost personal stance fomenting legitimate grievance and disappointment amongst many within Palestine and the rest of the world explains the real authority behind the gamut. 

Again, the international citizenry owes to fellow humans – the Palestinians in restoring their fundamental rights to homeland freeing their territories from prolonged oppression and occupation and individual freedom to exist in their state as free citizens of global society.

Our condolence to grieving families in Gaza and wish a speedy recovery to those hurt in the unnecessary violence. 

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant

Author & Presenter




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