Free Speech from the Silicon Valley

April 30, 2021

Free Speech from the Silicon Valley

Padmini Arhant

The reference Free Speech from the Silicon Valley from paid anchor at The Hill serving as mouthpiece for those with acute indigestion to factual information and truth is cynicism ad nauseam.

As a matter of fact, Free speech not only from the Silicon Valley, Free Speech from anywhere is inalienable right of any individual in Almighty God created Free World.

However, the concept of free world is disseminated out of context limiting to those obsessed with reining control over others’ health, life and rights expecting herd mentality at large. 

Furthermore, questioning anyone in power and those exerting authority via influence and dominance severely affecting life at individual or collective level is also an embodiment and essence of Free Speech. Again, one need not be elected to power or approved by the ruling class to exercise the fundamental right as obtusely asserted by The Hill propagandist. 

This freedom presumptuously claimed as exclusive privilege and patented right of the so-called elected to political position or influential in society, who by the way abstain from their political responsibility and legislative duty under constitutional oath let alone moral obligation due to collusion and complicity with violators of individual rights and life on all matter. Such tradition impetus free speech in view of concerns related to policy and actions with possible impact on family and community.

The mere exercise of Free Speech seeking clarifications from scientific, world health authorities or political class evading transparency and accountability as entitlement is not a crime or forbidden act in a system propagated as democracy.

Importantly, not all elected are genuinely elected to power by people when election is increasingly a formality with actual votes whether 74 million or 700 million discarded to satisfy unruly system in the rigged electoral process.

Padmini Arhant






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