France – Presidential Election 2012

May 7, 2012

By Padmini Arhant

Congratulations! To President-elect Francois Hollande of the Socialist Party elected to power after nearly two decades since former President Francois Mitterrand administration.

The national election result favoring Socialist candidacy is a verdict against globalists and their failed policies through IMF, World Bank, Central Banks and European Union.

Globalization for access to world resources and human capital barring regulations enabling financial institutions, energy industry, health care and pharmaceutical companies including agro-based inorganic producers run political systems evidently backfiring at the conglomerate in the polls.

Alongside the defense industry strategy to thrive in the boom and gloom economy with arms race proliferation in the prolonged cyclical violence through illegal invasion, occupation and obstruction of peaceful pro-democracy movements in Middle East and elsewhere yet another dynamic to economic and political status quo.

Repeating earlier statements in this context – Corporations resist oversight and nonetheless the corporate managed political affairs serving in exclusive interests upheld by the unelected stakeholders via Government representatives from top to bottom.

Having been responsible for global economic depression, the globalists’ fundamentally flawed solutions to manufactured problems exacerbates human suffering world over.

The private financial institutions and EU major powers moneylending dictating unreasonable terms and conditions leading to severe austerity on European population proved adversarial to respective economies in the region.

The focus on deficit reduction while manipulating credit rating hurting government ability to borrow in international money market other than surrendering to IMF, ECB and World Bank financing under extreme stipulations confirm subjugation using economic strangulation for well known agenda – global dominance and establishment of one world government.

Again reiterating previous recommendation that France and PIGS (Portugal, Italy, Greece and Spain) currently experiencing economic plight –

The balanced approach to address debt attracting capital flow for job and economic growth could begin with seeking monetary assistance as investments in the economy for development rather than funding government payroll witnessed in Greece situation.

By providing incentives to domestic and foreign investors without compromising sovereignty and economic gains on national resources,

The even keel opportunity would impetus economic stimulus enticing profit reinvestments in the economy.

Concessions on land or industrial site for setting up manufacturing base, exempting export/import excise duty and trade tariffs for raw materials and machinery would facilitate hassle free business operation.

Above all, eliminating red tape i.e. bureaucracy and expediting matter subject to any government approval within required framework could revive jobs in the stagnant economic sector.

Promoting small and medium enterprise (SME) could redress high unemployment in Spain, Greece…and rest of Europe.

Tax reform is another area to review and revise for fair taxation and national wealth recovery from tax evasion.

Furthermore, the economies tied to euro zone consequently forced to bear the brunt of arbitrary rules applied across the board instead of individual assessment again by members maintaining a disconnect with victims poses a major impediment for vulnerable EU nations unable to refuse the hierarchy’s erroneous decision despite dismal outcome.

Eurozone limited to regional and international trade with members resuming local currency dealings would allow flexibility without burden on either or both sides struggling to emerge from recession.

Every nation reverting to ownership on printing money backed by gold reserves would ultimately liberate them from generational indebtedness contemporarily inflicted at private entity discretion.

On other issues like immigration and foreign policy – President-elect Francois Hollande call for solidarity is constructive and important to move the nation forward abandoning divisive overtones in a diverse modern society.

There is a deliberate confusion induced in the immigration debate often prevalent during elections anywhere.

When economies flourish the anti-immigrant critics do not necessarily attribute credit to immigrants even though historically nations throughout the world continue to benefit from foreign workers myriad contributions in different fields enhancing competitiveness in the increasingly tough global economy.

However joblessness during downturns invariably ascribed to immigrants – the scapegoat for political, social and elements exploiting circumstances to personal advantage.

Imperialism somehow portrayed analogous to immigrants dilemma.

The distortion deserves clarifications considering imperialism unlike immigrants empirically authoritative usurping power violating natives trust and colonization through aggression.

Contrarily majority immigrants are law-abiding citizens, hardworking, by and large integrate with mainstream at ease.

With respect to warfare – President-elect Francois Hollande position on Afghanistan earlier troop withdrawal in 2013 is praiseworthy although commitment could be sooner with military divestments in the French economy.

French electorate desire for change could perhaps be demonstrated not only in economic surge but also by embracing peace over military intervention in Syria and Iran.

France could lead NATO in nuclear disarmament in addition to curbing arms race worldwide.

Environment is equally relevant and France leadership interpreting climate talks into action as an industrialized nation would be a significant inspiration to all.

With hope and optimism – France welcomes the newly elected government and society together in harmony could achieve common goals elevating republic and national image.

Best Wishes to people in France and President-elect Francois Hollande for a successful term in crises resolution yielding lasting peace and prosperity nationwide.

Peace to all!

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant


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