Facts on New World Order – UNSC, EU And Euro Zone

July 22, 2015

By Padmini Arhant

New World Order is one world government subjugating nations to comply with UNSC veto and EU austerity.

UNSC with Veto Power is responsible for human suffering due to illegal sanctions and military interventions for economic and strategic gains worldwide.

The unlawful embargo and various constraints targeting non-western countries cripple economy with direct impact on population.

The agreements are rarely genuine with complicity to duplicity deceiving the world at large.

Since UNSC inception – the forces behind unipolar system comprising P5+1 and EU wield power despite dismal trajectory creating and exacerbating problems rather than resolving crisis.

The misuse of veto power in the exclusive club with members P5+1 holding them and allies above law is illegitimate and tradition unsustainable in the modern era against subordination and servility.

The so-called global powers P5+1 with imperial legacy and gross human rights violations extending into twenty first century preoccupied in territorial annexations and destabilization of nations perpetuating conflicts confirm habitual quest for dominance.

Accordingly veto power possessed UNSC dissolution is imminent for world peace and progress.

EU – the parallel government headquartered in Brussels, Belgium set up to promote New World Order protecting oligarchy, feudalism and militarism for implementation worldwide.

The strategy is evidently a failure with declining euro zone and deep economic recession within EU.

The aggressive measures against member states to submit and surrender assets in bailout deals stripping sovereignty of nations and submerging citizens in generational debt.

EU and euro zone are deceptive models to benefit the selective few at the expense of collective labor and taxations providing for the self-proclaimed privileged class parasitic existence.

The dysfunctional bodies viz. UNSC, EU, euro zone and think tanks behind egregious decisions endanger life and planet survival. Anything premised on falsehood and flawed policy cannot withstand the test of time and eventually collapse.

World deserves better opportunity to experience peace, stability and prosperity currently denied to struggling 99% by 1 % reigning control over the rest.

The destructive process conclusion expedited without exception for a positive development,

Peace to all!

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant











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