Face The Truth – Press, Communication Media and Entertainment Sector

November 29, 2015


By Padmini Arhant

The contemporary trend is mind control with propaganda, lies and unsubstantiated allegations to subvert truth deflecting attention from reality.

Additionally, the platform facilitates hate mongering, prejudice and polarization in society.

The communication media and entertainment industry widely used for this purpose.  The degenerative political, economic and social environment is a reflection of forces at the helm reining power incognito.

Despite repeat failures in the so called war on terror through terrorism notwithstanding major electoral debacles by their proxies in government, the declining supremacy evidently nothing more than a fantasy with history serving as testimony until today.

Since desperate times seeks desperate measures, the dimming powerhouse reliance on misinformation and denigration via paid representatives in the literary and artistic fields incentivized with undeserving awards and titles to parrot prompters message further confirms decaying process.

As a result, the entertainment along with press and other communication outlets are extensively deployed in mass manipulation.

In this segment, I pose the following questions to Media, Entertainment and literary body for complicity to abuse of power.

  1. Is the press reporting news events factually or induce politically motivated characterization?

The latter is the preferred practice misleading public and to curb challengers at bay.

  1. Are communication media and broadcasting networks transformed into state media and proprietary interests rather than stalwarts in holding authority and celebrity accountable for misusing self proclaimed privileged status?

Political establishment owned television networks and communication channels primarily set up to cover up scandals involving them and target genuine opposition delineated from political affiliation.  The media syndicate diversion and distortion promote vested agenda leaving the captive audience in the dark.

The various media including television are convenient mediums for slander and malicious rumors besides masquerading criminality and corrupt regimes in power.

  1. How come the entertainment industry profiteering from unauthorized theme and content not pursuing real events with forces behind crimes against humanity?

The entertainment industry – television and theaters controlled and maneuvered for mind invasion with fabrication and falsehood prevent discovery of facts and truthful exposure leading to real perpetrators in disguise.

  1. Why can’t the entertainment industry exercise diligence and discernment over cashing in on trashing and bashing natural phenomenon?

The entertainment industry engaged in impersonation fraudulently claimed as emulation and satire somehow only fixated with entity standing up to roots of all evil clarifying the negative influence to maintain status quo.

  1. Does this mean the entertainment sector infiltrated by elements against positive developments?

Yes. The unsavory factions’ dominance exemplify decadence.

  1. Where does the press stand in terms of divulgence?

The press is heavily politicized and patronize enemy of duplicity.

  1. Is there an independent and investigative journalism?

The rare existence is increasingly threatened arising from zero tolerance to fair presentation and analysis.

  1. Are there pseudonyms to smear authentic expose?

The tradition continues to self-detriment for anything counterproductive is an apparent disaster.

  1. What is the impetus for performers in the mind numbing orchestra?

Monetary benefits and publicity are the attractions with little or no concern for unconscionable actions.

  1. What is the future for press, media and entertainment under delusional clique?

In doldrums unless creativity and journalistic standards not compromised with unethical and divisive indulgence.

Finally, Intellect and talent best demonstrated in courage and integrity withstanding test of time and tide.

Peace to all!

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant

















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