Face the Truth – Featuring Hegemony

November 7, 2015

By Padmini Arhant

Welcome to Face the Truth program.

Hegemony, incognito power represented by myriad forces in diverse background.

Hegemony in control of politics, economy, social issues, communication media, entertainment, environment and religion.

Hegemony policies and strategies are responsible for status quo.

Accordingly, I pose the following questions to hegemony.

  1. Is there democracy today?
  1. The unlimited financing from different sources near and far in election campaigns deprive electorate from representation – In these conditions could elections be considered free and fair?
  1. Do political dynasty, royalty, constitutional monarchy and theocracy rule constitute democracy?
  1. Are governments representing the people or incognito power?
  1. Hegemony rule through proxy governance promoting incognito power agenda. How does it serve the nation or the people?
  1. Hegemony reliance on subversion and deception to prolong authority confirms desperate times seeking desperate measures despite fait accompli. What is the purpose behind continuation of fallacious dogma?
  1. Why should taxpayers fund feudalism, imperialism and elitism premised on parasitic tradition?
  1. Hegemony policies and strategies proved recipe for disasters. Why should the world remain hostage to destructive course?
  1. Hegemony deployment of terror for vested interests resulting in death and decimation of lives and nations worldwide. The incessant violence benefitting military industrial complex stakeholders target innocent citizens and states for destabilization. Are they not valid reasons to end hegemony dominance?
  1. Hegemony representatives are granted immunity from crimes essentially authorizing lawlessness and criminality not to mention abuse of power. How could such representation become legitimate leadership in the so-called democracy?
  1. Last but not the least – Hegemony intolerance to truth, free speech, equal rights and opportunity besides illegal intrusive surveillance, selective profiling and prejudice verify authoritarianism. Is it not appropriate to reject hegemony and hypocrisy in disguise as democracy?

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant






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