Extending Unemployment Benefits – House Bill Failed By Three Votes

June 29, 2010

By Padmini Arhant

Less than an hour ago, the House of Representatives’ concerted effort to revive the bill extending unemployment benefits to the millions of people representing the stars and stripes fell short by three votes in the two third majority requirement.

Yea – 261 votes. Democrats – 231 and Republican – 30.

Nay – 155 votes. Democrats – 15 and Republican – 139

Not clear on the remaining single nay vote.

Despite the citizens’ plea to Congress members to pass the bill through bipartisanship,

By revealing their deteriorating economic situation due to the weak job market, severe recession and the unemployment benefits expiration,

The ‘Nay’ Sayers on both sides rejected the public plight to allow politics prevail over people’s life.

Legislation failing by three votes that could have salvaged millions from becoming homeless is a tragedy and a sad day for democracy.

Regardless of the political differences, ignoring the harsh realities experienced by the people across the nation is incomprehensible and speaks volume about the individual priority.

Perhaps, the lawmakers possessing the power to improve lives have a legitimate explanation for their action depriving the American families, the means viz. unemployment benefits and tax breaks for small businesses to cope with the dire economic crisis.

Human nature is to protect, preserve and nurture life, not aid in their destruction.

Unfortunately, the current trend is ominously in favor of the latter.

Anything that is detrimental to human existence and life threatening has overwhelming support in the political and judicial system fomented by certain news media.

On the contrary, the bills pertaining to economic recovery and legal issues on life sustenance is defeated with no concern for the consequences.

The reasons behind such decisions are usually related to personal and political ideology.

When human beings have the power to help others in their suffering and they willfully act against their conscience, it is clear that they are guided by their illusion rather than intuition.

The real joy and success is measured by the selfless activities i.e. without any expectations in return for promoting progress among the less fortunate in the society.

Any work performed for greater good often accompanied by empathy makes life worth living.

Notwithstanding the eternal bliss –

For health, wealth and power are meaningless without inner peace and happiness.

Something that cannot be achieved by superficial sources in life.

It’s a sincere hope that the Congress members in the House and the Senate elected by the people to address their needs would reconcile the disagreements with the majority and collectively resolve the national crises hurting their constituents and the citizens at large.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant


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