Entitlement Challenged by Emancipation

August 29, 2021

Entitlement Challenged by Emancipation

Padmini Arhant

Human enslavement since creation up until now has been enforced on the ill-conceived notion of entitlement.

Throughout history oppression, persecution and prejudice leading to dominance and supremacy emanated from greed and tyranny. These characteristics are the only hope for superficial power invariably crumbing like a sand castle. The incontrovertible fact in this context witnessed by the world since time immemorial.

The unquenchable quest for power and territorial annexations by any means via illegal invasion and occupation of foreign land, colonization of nations and territory under false pretexts citing political, religious and economic factors continued into the twenty first century.

The current events bear relevance deserving attention with no substantial change in human behavior. It is evident in terms of exerting authority justifying unruly subjugation in return objecting retribution with repeat castigation.

In the modern era, the innovative techniques are deployed in mass killings via drones, nuclear laden short and long range missiles and/or sponsoring terrorism and cannibalism.

The old fashioned divide and conquer strategy polarizing communities and society in deep rooted hierarchy and presumptuousness expended in political and vested interests slighting self and en masse peril.

Last but not the least pandemic unleashed through the ominous Gain of Function Research transforming into a bioweapon warfare against human population executing depopulation agenda.

In the latest charade and tirade, the self-touted olympic decathlete and a physician prescribing holistic approach to life again the phrase stolen from the target’s vocabulary accused of kleptomania and profanity while the accusers reserving the right to execrations and expletives is only expected of the insolent and impertinent exercising perversion in crude lewd intrusion of their target’s life, home and personal space.

The conduct smothered in malice and criminality exhibit acute xenophobia and specifically ethnocentric gender bias against a woman with sexual connotation.

Nothing new in the obsessive compulsive disorder using Pegasus spyware, malware and nefarious tactics paradoxically delivering explosive exposure of nude insecurity amongst the users and losers in constant constellation of witch hunting.

The misadventure eventually evolving them into ghosts haunting life and homes rather than acknowledgment of own delusions is least surprising.

Importantly, the resolute in abusing science and everything at the their disposal clearly submitting to impulsive entropy exemplify dysfunctional frontal lobe failure to inhibit impulse in theft, perjury, plagiarism, hatred, misogyny and relentless venom with vicious attacks ad hominem.

These attributes from them reflect inner conflict within and degenerative mind, thoughts and physiological conditions resulting in necrotizing fasciitis ultimately rendering fatality or long term disability.

Either way, the waywardness and pernicious indulgence of those is least gratifying and contrarily mortifying them besides a reminder to cohorts to abandon such extravagant farcical fascism.

Needless to say, karmic effects are far more powerful in resonance with scientific applications on actions with equal and opposite reactions disrobing and dethroning the sources orchestrating the motion. As for the catalysts the irreversible outcome suffice judgment in destructive engagement. 

Simply stated nothing happens without a cause and behind every cause there are effects that are consequential to anything and everything in entirety.

The entitlement challenged by emancipation is obfuscated in the determination to sustain the unsustainable supremacy and narcissism retaining feudalist system.

The demise of the obsolete practice asserting antiquated entitlement evading meritocracy and legitimacy is imminent and inevitable.

All things are set for expiry and the counterproductive ones such as entitlement in particular riding on superiority are expedited in expiration without exception.

Padmini Arhant 

Author & Presenter 




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