End Political Madness

March 9, 2020

End Political Madness 

Padmini Arhant

Welcome to Political Madness!

Politics and entertainment, the duopoly behind deception. Politics keeping entertainers and entertainment at bay. Likewise entertainment staying out of politics would do the world – a big favor.

Those running the gamut called government via proxies and puppet regimes, zero tolerance to legitimate dissent or discourse on government failures, 

Don’t call such government democratic.

When you think none have right to self-defense when their rights are violated such system cannot be a democracy.

Any criticism against government policy propagated as anti-nationalism is authoritarianism.

World under Secret Society control colluding in secret locations confirm sinister system.

Stop treating citizens as prisoners holding them hostage to vicious propaganda. Importantly those behind secretive agenda need to come out of the dark. 

Last but not the least get over the obsessive compulsive disorder to spy on your arch nemesis for exposing truth and anti-democratic actions. 

Get a life and adopt the human value  –

Live and let others live for your time on earth is not permanent.

The world belongs to none to exert dominion over others or anyone regarded beneath anybody or their kind.

You bring nothing upon arrival so you take nothing with you upon departure.

Whatever is owned in the transition between life and death is not yours either. You are born naked and leave naked.

King, Emperor, Kaiser, Czar, Sultanate,,Badshah, Shahenshah, Samrat don’t exist in a democracy.

Politics is meant to serve people and nation not silence them and exert excess authority.

Individual rights are non-negotiable. Accordingly, infringement in this regard is violation.

The end to such political madness critical to restore sanity and sensibility in the world.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant

Author & Presenter









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