Election – Mockery of Democracy

December 23, 2015

By Padmini Arhant

Politics contempt for democracy evident in events toppling governments of the people and destabilizing states through terror sponsorship.  The other tactics deployed are staged political unrest, communal as well as sectarian and religion divide.

The operatives behind the scenes otherwise incognito power remaining eternal rulers pulling the strings of puppets installed to prolong status quo is the norm.

The anti-populists systematic dismantling of pro-ordinary class systems confirm inherent despise for republic rule.

Having declared people represented governments as Mob Rule and accordingly unseated popular governments in Latin America viz. Venezuela and alike in the region with similar trend in Africa, South East Asia and worldwide,

The tradition is maintained preventing genuine democracy and substituting with plutocracy.

Unlike covert representation in the past, the present feature defiant ramshackle governance legitimized through electoral process.

Election is the means to assert authority in disguise.

The illegitimate role of those as protagonists, architects, masterminds with elected representatives as catalysts promoting anti-republic agenda facilitated via election.

The unlimited financing attracting funding from unsavory elements notwithstanding black to white money laundering and liquidating illegal wealth to become stakeholders in political power established in electoral course.

The electorate are misled barring minor lackluster legislations the bulk activities benefit major investors in political campaign.

Besides high targets such as advancing global supremacy with perpetual violence and failed economic policies deepening social prejudice and income disparity.

The defense contracts and nuclear deals dominant in preserving hegemony goals deprive other sectors in the economy and essential public services in receiving fair allocation of national budget.

Communication media, press, entertainment and educational institutions are predominantly serving as propaganda tools subverting truth and masquerading facts despite revelations on forces behind global suffering.

The external influence with internal complicity in politics, economy and social issues is the standard practice.

Election is a catharsis and pre-approved candidacies prevail in the poll.

Voters are reminded of the authorization upon disappointment with elected government and leadership.

Feudalism revival with vassal statehood is prevalent rejecting independence and civil liberty.

On the issue of corruption, political scandals and egregious decisions resulting in deaths and devastations, the zero tolerance to exposures and dissent are prominent.

Justice denied to victims of horrendous crimes upholding criminality in society. The cultural decline is conspicuous with immorality and unethical ways overriding reason and rationality.

The ongoing developments are ominous signs of conclusion of counterproductive era.

The new beginning with providence replacing decadence is the saving grace.

Peace to all!

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant



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