Egypt Status Quo under Egyptian Army Rule

March 28, 2011

By Padmini Arhant

Egypt Revolution surely prevailed in terminating Mubarak Presidency but the question now arises on the status quo under Egyptian military council with U.S. military aid over $1 billion flowing and,

Subsequently the Egyptian army rule directly reporting to the U.S. military command including the Defense Secretary periodically – The present situation is a cliché.

However on the important humanitarian issue – grimmer incidents reportedly involving the pro-democracy revolutionaries targeted and arrested not barring women for persecution, torture through electrocution of the detainees continuing seamlessly in the post Mubarak era.

These events are extremely disturbing and confirms the Egyptian military rule evidently not conducive to democratic transition especially when loyalty squarely remains with decadent powers reining control over the Egypt Supreme Council.

Following the Mubarak regime overthrow, the Egyptian revolution further resisted the military takeover of the government knowing the abuse of power extending under military administration.

With such possibilities currently turning into eventualities, the revolution required to rise again in Tahrir square and demand for the Egyptian army to step down allowing the people represented opposition to form a government and prepare the nation for democratic election within feasible timeframe.

Even with the constitutional reform through referendum last week – the meeting was apparently discreet without all parties and poignantly no woman member present in the closed chamber session.

Although these developments are no revelation to the mainstream and the watchful eyes monitoring the political evolutions throughout Middle East,

The systemic authoritarianism prolonging under the pretext of the so-called ‘orderly’ transition to suppress democracy beckons valid justification considering the conflicting reality since the military rule in power.

It was never easy for the allies of the former dictatorship Hosni Mubarak to bid farewell based on the ex-President’s unwavering complicity towards their political agenda.

As for the Egyptian and global citizens awareness on the deposed leader Hosni Mubarak – the leader might be no longer the head of the state and comfortably settled in his favorite island resort residence acquired through massive Egyptian assets embezzlement,

Nonetheless there is no investigation on crimes against Egyptian population during thirty-two years of tyranny and various corruption charges evaded under granted immunity.

Egyptian revolution comprising the youth power cannot afford to be complacent particularly in the aftermath of the brave activists’ martyrdom.

The horrific recounts from the latest arrests of ordinary citizens at Tahrir Square is a stark reminder that Egypt still under siege with foreign powers maintaining superiority.

Again meaningful and functional democracy cannot originate from military or foreign rule determined to contain political dissent.

Egypt revolution bears responsibility to lead the nation towards realistic democratic rule protecting sovereignty by challenging domestic and external powers to cease intervention in national governance.

Please remember that revolution jolted the Mubarak citadel and evicted the repressive government in worldview.

Similarly eliminating the prevalent autocracy is paramount to realize the true political freedom.

Regrettably the Egyptian army clash with Coptic Christians lately does not serve the democratic cause.

It is extremely vital for all citizens to come together in solidarity to achieve the common goal – a free and democratic Egypt with peace, progress and prosperity for all.

The immediate objective is for the Egypt army to transfer power to the people representatives per the Constitution and restrict the military role to providing national security.

Egypt revolution needs to expedite the relevant political transformation to a reliable democracy that is inclusive not exclusive besides commitment to human rights.

Best Wishes to Egypt revolution in completing the political endeavor.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant


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