Egypt – Solidarity And Peaceful Resolution of Crises is in National Interest

July 3, 2013

By Padmini Arhant

The rapid escalation of events in the last few hours reveal that Egypt army has removed President Mohamed Morsi from power and dissolved the constitution declaring the head of Supreme Constitutional Court Adli Mansour as the caretaker leader.

President Mohamed Morsi was western choice with Saudi approval and diligently carried out orders from them.

The deposed President’s self-detrimental course evidently led to status quo conforming to the fact that allies of hegemony are in precarious conditions with imminent displacement upon redundancy.

Further, the army roadmap calling for snap Parliamentary election reportedly acceptable to the al-Nour party – the second largest Islamist group and Salafist political party which means Saudi influence will be intact perpetuating Egypt citizenry pain and misery.

Yet another opposition leader more familiar in the international arena – the western powers selected former IAEA Chief Mohamed ElBaradei apparently concurred with army stance stating the proposals “meets the people demand for early Presidential elections.”

These developments ought to be considered with prudence in terms of military intervention and pledge to hold early elections to avert duplicity reminiscent of 2011 subsequent to Mubarak administration termination.

Nonetheless, transparency every step of the way by authorities and public referendum on national reconciliation committee allowing secular factions adequate preparation to compete in the national election is paramount in resolving political crises.

Hegemony and regional maneuvers behind the scenes reverting to 2011 scenario in Egypt and Libya would severely backfire at the sources and best abandoned honoring self-determination rights and national sovereignty.

Egypt solidarity vehemently opposing United States, Israel, Saudi Arabia and other allies involvement either directly or through proxies is critical to deter reactivation of Mubarak era or ex-President Morsi performance.

Similarly the nation steadfastness in rejecting hegemony agenda in semblance with post Mubarak period in 2011 and 2012 by Supreme Council for Armed Forces (SCAF) is poignant.

United States Pentagon chief, Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel in direct contact with Supreme Council for Armed Forces Chief General Abdel Fattah al-Sisi reflect repeat events following U.S. and Israel partner President Hosni Mubarak ouster in 2011.

Egypt population discernment in identifying western, Saudi and pro-hegemony infiltration is extremely important exercising caution in preventing exploitation of turmoil like in 2011.

The people aspiring Egypt liberation from foreign control and authority with political and military apparatus receiving instructions from donor i.e. United States on Israel’s behalf are required to come together to defend national independence consistently undermined by hegemony seeking permanent dominance over nations spreading across the region and ultimately extending to the rest of the world.

Non-Violence and peaceful means with national unity advancing the cause for complete political freedom devoid of imperialism, militarism and fundamentalism viz. Salafis, Wahhabis evolved into dangerous Takfiris attributed to Saudi Arabia, Qatar and similar regional states is the viable strategy to achieve common goals in the immediate and long term.

Not surprisingly, hegemony efforts to revive Mubarak rule earlier through military and soon after with installation of Muslim Brotherhood government led by President Mohamed Morsi persisted in various disguises and operations that deserves national attention and collective action to end foreign interference.

As usual the hegemony rumor typically defending staunch ally former dictatorship of President Hosni Mubarak by falsely claiming that western support was halted to the previous regime upon refusal to allow U.S. military bases across the country essentially projecting their representative as a patriot is gross under estimation of human intelligence and memory considering United States and Israel tried every trick in their playbook to thwart Mubarak overthrow until the last minute in 2011.

Furthermore, the western ally former ruler President Hosni Mubarak having emerged from military establishment preference to be rewarded with $1.2 billion later increased to $1.3 billion by Obama administration for United States to run Egypt military and political affairs dictating Israel’s policy on domestic and foreign matter is the worst betrayal from any leadership to their people and country.

Foreign military presence in sovereign nation is undoubtedly conspicuous occupation of homeland prompting resistance like in Afghanistan.

However, corrupting national defense forces, intelligence agencies and political leaderships with bribery in the form of U.S. taxpayer funded military aid prominently to Egypt and Pakistan although discreetly elsewhere creates a wedge between military and civilian power leaving the nation under constant threat of coup d’état experienced by these two nations in particular among several others cannot be ignored in the hegemony desire to prolong subjugation.

Besides the monetary incentives to military rather than direct investments in the economy to benefit citizens promotes treason within military and political domain not to mention the revelations fomenting sectarianism to hegemony advantage.

The predecessor Mubarak trial unreasonably extended evading justice and accountability at hegemony behest is also contentious issue for the frustrated victims in the politically embattled state.

Lately, President Mohamed Morsi contracted Presidential term is related to subservience and loyalty to hegemony surrendering republic will that contributed to massive unrest and the expected outcome.

Egypt society vigilance alongside peaceful engagement to restore political stability is crucial from this very moment.

Best Wishes to Egypt populism and pluralism in leading the nation towards fairness and equality in all aspects.

Peace, Progress and Prosperity to Egypt!

Peace to all!

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant


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