Egypt Revolution Seek Civil and Constitutional Reform

February 10, 2011

By Padmini Arhant

Egypt revolution remains defiant in seeking the following actions:

President Hosni Mubarak and entire regime immediate resignation.

Army to stay out of politics and any form of political governance.  Otherwise it would categorically default to status quo defying political transition that has claimed many innocent lives thus far.

Civil rule according to Egyptian Constitution allowing the Speaker of the House as the head of the state of the interim government.

Preparing the nation for a democratic election within 60 days.

It is not up to any foreign powers regardless of stature to dictate terms in the historic moment for a nation denied human rights over a century.

Obstructions in the birth of a real democracy would have serious ramifications on regional as well as international peace and security.

The democratic societies represented as the foreign power influence prominently the military industrial complex perceived to be behind the recommendation for Army take over as opposed to civilian government in Egypt liberation struggle are urged to contribute towards constructive political structure only possible through civilan rule under constitutional guidance.

Any attempts to undermine the historic evolution for real change could severely affect regional stability and credibility of those democratic societies prioritizing self-interest against Egyptian and other oppressed nationals’ interest. It could easily then threaten their democratic existence in the form of retaliation.

As mentioned previously on numerous occasions – the honorable resolution to Egyptian political crisis is to allow people power assume governance with military focused on national defense i.e. maintaining law and order only until transfer of power.

Subsequently the citizens’ preference is for the national security forces loyal to the country not the regime function as the law enforcement authority in semblance to any democratic system.

Egypt like any other nation in the world is not devoid of talent or leadership skills to diligently steer their nation forward in a democratic manner.

In fact the peaceful and orderly transformation could be expedited without foreign power interference that is commonly understood as political dominance in the region.

Egypt democracy is long overdue and constitutes a refreshing change for the 80 million Egyptian population persecuted for several decades.

The youth driven Egypt revolution is the cornerstone for a new beginning throughout Middle East and across the world.

Message for Egypt citizens and others yearning to be free – Please don’t lose hope and courage in achieving your dreams – political freedom, social equality and justice leading to economic prosperity for all in a free and fair democratic society.

People power will prevail against undemocratic rule of law across the globe exemplified in recent political events.

Best Wishes to brave patriots of Egypt, Yemen, Algeria, Jordan…revolution for a glorious victory leading to a successful democratic era.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant


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