Egypt Revolution Against Status Quo Insist on Mubarak Regime Dismissal

February 11, 2011

By Padmini Arhant

The Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak speech on February 10, 2011 via state television to the anxious citizens at Tahrir Square, Cairo confirmed the political establishment’s mockery of democracy while proudly claiming to represent the democratic society.

To the angry and frustrated Egyptian population it is clear that the foreign powers’ influencing the octogenarian Presidency and entire regime to prolong totalitarianism for vested interests are not true representatives of a civil society.

The United States, United Kingdom and Israel – arguably the chief players preventing the democratic formation in Egypt could perhaps travel down the memory lane for clarification on global view of the double standards in approval and removal of governments at their discretion.

Neo-Imperialism with military might and economic supremacy is worth examining in the twenty first century.

United States – Illegal invasion and occupation of Iraq targeted Iraqi Presidency in the Presidential palaces to ‘smoke out’ as it was referred to at that time the U.S. former ally turned adversary Saddam Hussein ultimately executed in public view.

In 2009 the successful coup d’état in Honduras Latin America empowered dictatorship and exiled the democratic leadership Manuel Zelaya to Costa Rica.

The coup attempt against democratic Ecuador in 2010 was fortunately thwarted by people power.

Haiti – the civilian request to allow the U.S. exiled President Jean Bertrand Aristide ignored with Presidential nominations rather than elections having become the norm in the Caribbean nation.

Afghanistan election voided in 2009 and President appointed against public mistrust.

Similarly in 2010 – Unpopular government headed by pro-Iranian leader appointed against electoral mandate in Iraq.

Pakistan in 2010 and 2011 – Persistent unmanned drone attacks continues with Al Qaeda terror leader Osama Bin Laden mystery remaining unresolved.

U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton admiration for iron-fist rule to contain the purported radicalism is widely known and news reports indicate that overt intentions to reinstate former military rule under General Pervez Musharraf is well underway.

The latest dispute between U.S and Pakistan involves an alleged U.S. spy with photos on Pakistani military and strategic locations in possession posing as a diplomat reportedly shot two Pakistani civilians and the spouse of one of the deceased committed suicide following the tragedy.

Further news report on this incident is the U.S. administration has demanded release of the suspect Raymond Davis under diplomatic immunity and threatened to withdraw economic aid upon non-compliance.

Jan 2011 – The democratically elected government in Lebanon toppled and Lebanese leadership instructed to cooperate in the politically led destabilization.

Feb 2011 – Egypt revolution denied political freedom in favor of political ally and dictatorship President Hosni Mubarak under the pretext of orderly transition somehow did not seem necessary in Iraq and recently in Lebanon.

It’s noteworthy that the highlighted U.S. political interventions carried out through use of military force or the relevant foreign nation security forces resulting in massive loss of innocent lives, bloodshed, carnage and destruction.

United Kingdom – U.S. Coalition partner in military invasion of Iraq and Afghanistan.

In concurrence with United States on Egypt political crisis U.K. is insisting on the dictatorial power continuation and reform to take place through Mubarak Presidency besides sharing U.S. position allowing the embattled President to stay until the end of the term.

Now here is the irony for yet another democratic nation.

Subsequent to the military aggression against Iraq the anti-war British nationals forced the former Prime Minister Tony Blair a staunch supporter of Iraqi invasion to step down from office prior to completing his term in republic honor.

However, the democratic United Kingdom has reservations in obliging Egyptian revolution legitimate call to instantly end oppressive regime regardless of term expiry.

Another reason from U.K. echoing United States that in reality is heeding to the strongest ally Israel’s firm opposition to Mubarak regime dismissal for self-interest has been regional peace and stability.

Again the premise not a consideration during unlawful attack against Iraq despite the geographic proximity to Israel.

Israel – The driving force behind Mubarak regime and Vice President Omar Suleiman appointment has no difficulty in persuading the United States and United Kingdom to reject 80 million people plea for Mubarak and cabinet ouster.

It’s interesting to note the democratic leaderships’ systemic abuse of power in the Middle East with diametrically opposite positions in fairly similar political situations.

The political maneuvering to suit a nation – Israel’s security at the regional population plight i.e. dictatorial regimes controlling the mass to curb the propagated fundamentalism and radicalism directly attributed to biased western policy throughout requires global attention.

Regional peace and stability is used in defending the bizarre stance favoring dictatorial powers by the democratic leaderships of these three nations.

At the same time the power of democracy to achieve the aspired regional security is discarded fomenting anti-sentiments among the oppressed populace.

Such discriminatory policies are instrumental in generating anti-social elements promoting prolific arms race and perpetual warfare in the region.

All along in the indefinitely stalled Israeli-Palestinian Peace process the question that has been posed to the Arab citizens is –

Do you recognize Israel’s sovereignty being the only democratic nation in the region?

First of all, it is evident from the past and ongoing political crisis in the Middle East that U.S and Israeli policy with U.K in agreement as a western ally has prohibited the birth of democracy.

The reaction often entails Iraq as the western implemented democracy disregarding the tremendous human casualties with several Iraqi, American and coalition forces’ lives lost, millions displaced as refugees and still under foreign power through puppet leaderships.

Considering Israel and allies’ relentless efforts to obstruct youth driven revolution to end tyranny – it is reasonable to redirect the question to them –

Do they acknowledge the sovereignty of Egypt and other nations they have been found meddling with time and time again?

A positive response would then lead to seeking valid explanation as to why democracy is acceptable in some society and declined to others purely based on selective political convictions?

Again if radicalism offered as the primary concern then the same principle would apply to the existing characteristics in the Jewish settlements expansion seeing no end in sight and having effortlessly derailed the sixty-year-old Israeli – Palestinian peace negotiations.

Should the current Israeli government be replaced with authoritarianism towards local population albeit some segments within society persistently engaged in fundamentalist activities witnessed in settlements issue?

For a society that has experienced atrocity in the twentieth century holocaust – undeniably a reprehensible act against humanity, it would be appropriate to condemn crimes against fellow human beings and expedite the humanitarian cause for political rights via civilian rule.

By doing so Israel would win more friends than foes in the region for the citizens marginalized under dictatorship would rally behind any sovereign nation engendering identical democracy.

Israel could attain the desired peaceful existence by fostering peace and democracy that is long denied to Egyptian and other citizens in the Arab world.

Instead utilizing political clout for extension of totalitarian government in Egypt and elsewhere is anti-democratic against neighboring citizens – the real victims in the local and foreign oppression raising credibility factor on the espoused democratic values exemplified otherwise.

Egypt revolution is for political emancipation, social justice and economic progress – the natural rights of all human beings in any society.

The democratic leaderships adamantly sponsoring the autocratic rule in Egypt and throughout Middle East for political dominance is counterproductive and hypocritical –

Given the conflicting measures adopted at the domestic dissent whether it is premature termination of power with ex-Prime Minister Tony Blair or the U.S. Watergate scandal prompting actions per constitutional law.

President Hosni Mubarak and entire cabinet resignation is the preliminary step towards meaningful democracy and as for the army take over of Egypt unequivocally defines the protagonists’ military aid to the beleaguered nation dictating terms to the 80 million people deprived of basic rights to determine their future.

Egypt revolution can no longer be suppressed by foreign indulgence and the citizens as well as their representatives in Congress / Parliament in these democratic societies bear responsibility towards the respective administrations’ foreign policy proved detrimental for global peace and humanitarian progress.

Notwithstanding the fact the leaderships’ decisions are declared as the national stance on all matter. So essentially it is delivered under every citizen’s name in a democratic society creating opportunity for terrorism against people of that domain.

Egypt revolution must not lose courage and hope. The slain peaceful protesters sacrifice will not be in vain.

Please stay on course and remain committed to peace and non-violent demonstration for your dreams cannot be shattered by military intimidation or political circumvention.

The allies’ objection to the peaceful march towards Presidential palace would be contradictory to their means in Iraqi President expulsion using artillery.

Egyptian army and security personnel are urged to refrain from any violence against peaceful and non-violent pro-democracy movement.

Contrarily they should fulfill their national pledge to protect the citizens against domestic or foreign attack in the tumultuous political period.

Egypt patriots are reminded that they are not alone in the political struggle and gain momentum to prevail against all obstacles in their path to republic rule.

Best Wishes to Egypt revolution for strength and solidarity in the quest for political victory.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant


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