Egypt – Republic Will Recognition Critical For National Peace And Stability

July 2, 2013

By Padmini Arhant

The ongoing unrest in Egypt has claimed many lives since the appointment of U.S. and Israel backed Muslim Brotherhood government led by President Mohamed Morsi.

President Morsi under U.S. President Barack Obama and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu influence executed decrees and orders in direct violation of the constitution and human rights reflecting sponsors’ performance in the respective national domain.

United States and Israel continuous intervention in the North African nation to rein control over Sinai Peninsula is maintained with U.S. taxpayer funded $1.3 billion military aid and political maneuvering in hegemony favor.

The arrangement legitimizes oppression not only in Egypt but also in Gaza due to Rafah crossing shut down exacerbating Gazans ordeal over and above Israeli illegal blockade from 2007 up until now.

Egypt Tahrir Square revolution ousting U.S. and Israel’s ally former President Hosni Mubarak yet to experience sentencing for decades of atrocities against people in Egypt were imposed further repression through U.S. and Israel choices of power.

Initially they entrusted rule to United States run Egypt army formerly headed by General Mohammed Hussein Tantawi that were engaged in violent crackdown reminiscent of Mubarak era and,

Subsequently appointed fundamentalist faction via Muslim Brotherhood under the guise of democratic election held during the most volatile situation in the country again fomented by the U.S. and Israel proxy forces in Egyptian soil.

The trio viz. United States, Israel and Saudi regimes are responsible for Egypt citizens’ political, economic, social and humanitarian problems.

President Mohamed Morsi designed to operate similarly to counterpart Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan in Turkey by United States and Israel for hegemony agenda in the Middle East to be replicated around the world in their delusions for global dominance.

Egypt having suffered immensely from U.S. and allies destabilization objectives shares experience with nations in synonymous dilemma.

Egypt citizens rejecting United States ownership of their security and political rights with $1.3 billion annual donation to safeguard U.S. ally Israel is the preliminary step towards true liberation.

Secondly, Egypt electorate declining imperial powers agents, representatives and affiliates essentially planted as alternative options to prolong status quo is important and could be achieved exercising discernment in review of such entities contributions or the lack thereof in the expulsion of pro-hegemony earlier dictatorship in January 2011.

Moreover those associated with hegemony either remotely or closely follow instructions on domestic and foreign policy ignoring public will.

Reiterating the fact that Muslim Brotherhood abstinence or waiting on the sidelines when mainstream protested in Tahrir Square in January 2011and then suddenly being promoted to power is indicative of them having been held in reserve by external sources to retain authority over Egypt.

The other poignant factor is subjugation via financial offers from IMF and Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) enabling western and Saudi demands not necessarily related to much required economic relief and instead misleading nation into deals benefitting oligarchy transferring debt burden on to people over generations in accordance with these monetary institutions strategy world over.

Egypt has far too many challenges in various fronts and has to overcome with unified action committed towards common interest as national goals.

Political freedom is the priority and made possible with restoring constitution defending the rights of all not just the majority including fair political representation of minority, natives and marginalized demography in society.

Secularism with liberty accommodating religious beliefs and cultural values of all segments would generate better understanding and appreciation for pluralism enhancing harmony.

Creating pervasive economic opportunity depriving none would address inequality and guarantee social justice.

The equitable income distribution from steady job growth would also reduce crimes and facilitate widespread progress.

As for the current stalemate confronting the country, President Mohamed Morsi resignation from office would be a viable solution to burgeoning political uprising allowing the formation of national reconciliation committee to prepare the nation for constitutional reform and national election.

Meanwhile, the appointment of caretaker government representing entire nation barring Egypt military and foreign or regional intrusions is the way forward to administer the state with referendum on political reform conforming to republic governance best suited to resolve the crises.

Egypt adopting rational approach to national and international affairs would provide satisfactory results notwithstanding reopening Rafah crossing for Palestinians mobility and transfer of goods and services to Gazans in beleaguered coastal enclave could help with credibility.

National convergence renouncing violence is imperative alongside adherence to civility paving the path for dialogue and political discourse pertinent to demonstrate maturity and unity.

Egypt needs to reemerge with resilience thwarting foreign and regional interference aimed at undermining sovereignty indefinitely besides denying self-determination rights in deciding country’s present and future.

Wishing citizens in Egypt across the spectrum success in realizing the government of the people, by the people and for the people.

Peace and Stability to Egypt!

Peace to all!

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant


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