Egypt Political Transition To Democratic Rule

February 12, 2011

By Padmini Arhant

Egypt revolution having liberated their nation from over three decades of oppression is justifiably jubilant as they enter the preliminary phase in democracy.

Since the power has been transferred to Egyptian Supreme Council for Armed Forces reportedly briefing the U.S. military high command and defense secretary throughout the uprising and following the dictatorial Presidency termination,

There are legitimate concerns among the pro-democracy movement regarding the transition process under military rule.

The Supreme Council for Armed forces in their statement outlined the immediate tasks to be performed with details to follow later.

Egyptian revolution requests for republic governed democracy are:

Lifting the state of emergency as soon as the mass celebration is over.

Release of all political dissidents held in detention per the previous government order.

Parliament dissolution to conform to democratic representation across the political spectrum.

Constitution reform limiting Presidential term and authority.

Political rights, social equality and justice denied during the prolonged authoritarianism to be guaranteed in the redefined constitution.

Constructing constitutional framework adopting democratic principles and civil rights in addition to elaborating duties and responsibilities of state, legislative and judicial branches of the government.

Separation of powers with checks and balances for effective democratic system.

Women empowerment through political opportunity to reflect progressive values in a modern democracy.

Electorate active participation in governance and all legislative matter carried out with transparency and accountability to enable functional democracy.

Preparing the nation for free and fair democratic election to expedite political transformation from military to civilian rule under constitutional law.

Meanwhile, the Egyptian revolution has a major role in insuring that smooth and swift political transition takes place to republic satisfaction notwithstanding the longevity of democratic rule without being controlled by foreign powers or undemocratic domestic sources.

It is a crucial period for Egypt with unique opportunity to steer their country in a direction that solidifies political stability in an inclusive manner leading to social progress and economic prosperity for all.

Egypt sovereignty is now in the hands of the 80 million population and the energized youth leaders to develop the nation that has long been suppressed due to domestic and foreign oppression.

There are challenges ahead nonetheless having triumphed over repressive regime any obstacles from now onwards could be easily overcome through solidarity and strong political will in nation building.

Egyptian society is evidently resilient and resourceful with political passion to begin a new chapter in history.

Citizens in Egypt are also expected to prove against the pessimistic speculation pertaining to the newly acquired political freedom possibly squandered and the general trepidation on regional peace and security.

There is tremendous hope and confidence in the people of Egypt that they would maintain cordial relationship with all their neighbors and perhaps serve as the model for a thriving democracy in the region.

Egypt has emerged from extreme adversity and exhibited extraordinary resolve to achieve the long desired political outcome.

Democracy with people power is the ultimate goal and revolution vigilance to curb disruption in the political environment would lead to realizing the dreams.

Congratulations! Once again to the proud Egyptian Revolution for the bold initiative towards democracy.

Best Wishes to all fellow citizens in Egypt for a peaceful and bright future.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant


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