Egypt – Peaceful Reconciliation in National Interest

August 18, 2013

By Padmini Arhant

The latest development in Egypt with army decision to exercise restraint in crowd dispersal operations and Muslim Brotherhood leaders on their part to cancel nationwide demonstrations for security reasons is the way forward to extinguish fire ignited in the burgeoning crises.

Egypt was unnecessarily subjected to turmoil otherwise averted sparing innocent lives all around.

Nonetheless national reconciliation forum inviting all groups for constructive participation could produce viable outcome.

The key factors are transparency and inclusivity facilitating people choices in governance barring external interventions reflected in status quo would prevent event recurrence.

Public referendum on electoral process and constitutional framework prohibiting abuse of power in all branches of government including army interception in civilian rule is the preliminary step towards preserving democracy.

Egypt citizens have suffered enough and now is the time for leaderships in the army, political system and civil society to create opportunity via peaceful engagement in rebuilding the nation long deprived of economic growth and development.

The arduous journey faced with obstacles due to foreign and regional control could lead to destination i.e. republic governed democracy upon Egypt exercising self-determination rights that is inalienable to all citizens on earth.

National subjugation by foreign powers happens with complicity among members in position of authority.

However, the tradition need not continue considering negative consequences from such cooperation hindering real progress.

Instead the leaderships pledging to defend sovereignty along with sincere commitment exemplified in resolving issues prioritizing national interest would guarantee prospective future.

Egypt population deserves breakthrough from violence and political impasse posing impediments in the path to peace and functioning democracy representing all in the country rather than selective majority.

The solutions to problems lie in sharing common goals with mutual respect and understanding that could ease tensions necessary for general consensus on national policy such as constitution amendment, political and economic reform as well as social inequality.

Egypt modern civilization has great potentiality to implement changes and achievements made possible only through peaceful means allowing diverse ideas to strengthen democratic foundation.

Once again, the leaders across the spectrum are urged to disavow counterproductive strategies, renounce violence and adopt peace initiatives for multidimensional recovery.

Wishing Egypt citizens and leaders success in restoring calm and stability critical for national endeavors.

Peace to Egypt!

Peace to all!

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant


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