Egypt – Non-Violence Is the Way Forward For Peaceful Resolution

July 8, 2013

By Padmini Arhant

Egypt rising casualty in the ongoing unrest is regrettable.

The political factions and authorities bear responsibility in preventing violence that contributes to further chaos and confusion.

Reiterating the earlier statement published on this site – The violent clashes benefits only those exploiting current turmoil albeit manufactured by them since overthrow of Mubarak regime in 2011.

Egypt army, security personnel and political groups exercising restraint in the course of maintaining law and order is critical to avoid loss of lives on all sides for the situation could spiral out of control with pervasive impact.

Unfortunately the forces against resistance to imperialism, fundamentalism and militarism are striving hard in their deployment of tactics to mislead Egypt ignoring the nation’s rich civilization and citizens remarkable resilience to overcome domestic collusion in foreign instigated crises.

Egypt immediate priority is for all members to refrain from extending support to causes that are counterproductive.

The overt or covert foreign infiltration to stir problems is the trend and Egypt society discernment in this regard would be prudent to restore calm and stability.

Egypt status quo attributed to hegemony usurpation in the form of military aid and IMF plus GCC financial loans favoring imperialists and globalists’ agenda.

Hegemony reining control over Egypt dictating Israel’s policy in the North African country’s domestic and foreign matter ranging from political representation to opening Rafah crossing in Sinai Peninsula besides Muslim Brotherhood and former President Morsi promoting Takfiri elements within and in Syrian conflict is the underlining factor that needs to be addressed peacefully rejecting such dominance.

Evidently western and regional involvement in Egypt is to safeguard respective vested interests at the population expense.

Egypt true liberation is breaking away from influences aimed at installation of governments to serve plutocracy specifically the state of Israel’s aspirations in forcing Egypt political leadership to heavily subsidize gas supply to Israel at Egyptians costs depriving the vast majority fair economic opportunity.

Additionally denying Palestinians passage through Rafah crossing – the gateway to outside world for beleaguered Gaza residents enduring Israeli illegal blockade from 2007 until present time is unnecessary and hurting Egypt credibility.

The assault on Egypt army inflicting fatality or other terrorism heightened in the past twelve months leading to then President Morsi administration inhumane response – flooding the tunnels to Gaza for humanitarian supplies not excluding the use of explosives deserves careful review in determining the real beneficiary and that could not be Palestinians in Gaza considering they are the victims of Israel directed and implemented blocked access and embargo.

Nonetheless, Egypt military and intelligence alienated from civilian jurisdiction with United States investment facilitates external maneuvers jeopardizing national sovereignty and destiny.

United States taxpayer funded $1.3billion military assistance to Egypt is exclusively for Israel’s security even though nuclear armed Israel’s belligerence with western and Gulf States cooperation endangering Middle East peace and normal existence.

Egypt interim government preparedness to thwart imperialism and ideology driven concepts behind senseless killings is the preliminary step towards power transition.

The western and Saudi fielded candidacies or groups founded and set up to marginalize Egyptian electorate invalidating democratic process could be dealt with national referendum – overhauling political system highlighting corruption and prohibiting outside sources interference.

Egypt citizens possess enormous strength, courage and skills to steer the nation from hegemony notion that the state is not capable of self-governance without United States, Israel and Saudi or any other regional intrusion.

National unity and solidarity transcending barriers is key to success.

Hence those harboring Egypt’s decline to the point of no return continue to sow acrimony that could be redressed with republic participation in national reconciliation committee (NRC).

The people choice of local representatives with proven track record in national and public service across the spectrum inclusively barring any affiliation to powers offshore or nearby territory could attend (NRC) national reconciliation consortium.

NRC recognition of national woes and republic requests for government actions on diverse issues confronting them is the way forward to evolve from Egypt authoritarian rule to pluralism accommodating the needs of entire nation identifying every citizen as Egyptian and part of mainstream convergence.

Furthermore, transparency revealing the members profile and proposals at the national reconciliation committee (NRC) is paramount for public approval.

NRC criteria to meet republic will and democratic values quintessential in the political reform.

Upon receiving nationwide input via people nominees at NRC, the general consensus on core national problems could be sought for systematic resolution.

Egypt populism dismissal of detrimental political and economic enforcements reflects awareness based on harsh experience.

The renewed efforts solidified in renouncing violence with mutual respect for all and focused on reclaiming complete independence from hegemony and proxies utilizing self-determination rights would exemplify republic governance.

Meanwhile, Egypt military sovereign duty to provide citizens safety and defending territorial integrity would be apparent upon transformation from being hegemony fiduciary posing conflict of interests in national defense.

Egypt has tremendous potential to realize the dreams of vibrant democracy espousing acceptance and tolerance necessary for harmony that guarantees bountiful harvest shared amongst all leaving none behind in the economic and social progress.

Wishing Egypt amicable political settlements for national good now and beyond.

Peace to Egypt!

Peace to all!

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant


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