Egypt – New Constitution Reinforce Hegemony Authority

December 27, 2012

By Padmini Arhant

Egypt remains subjugated under hegemony rule despite U.S. and Israel’s ally former dictatorship Hosni Mubarak ouster in 2011.

The U.S. military annual aid of $1.2 billion to promote Israeli authoritarianism along with Saudi Wahhabism and Salafism…i.e. anti-democratic sources in the region and,

Muslim nations favoring fundamentalism through Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt and rest of North Africa, Middle East extending over to other Islamic countries like Pakistan and throughout Central Asia attributed to population annihilation and attack on the religion of Islam.

United States and Israel exploitation of Tahrir Square revolution with transfer of power to SCAF (Supreme Council of Armed Forces) as the interim government prolonging predecessor brutality with severe crackdown amid United States State department infiltration using NGO (Non Governmental Organization) creating a wedge between majority Muslims and Coptic Christians as well as other minority resulting in casualties from violent clashes was ground work to reinforce hegemony authority over oppressed citizens of Pharaoh land.

Initially SCAF procrastination at U.S. behest on smooth transition to civilian governance followed by sudden gesture to hold elections in the most hostile environment depriving secular factions democratic aspirations was again a ploy to appoint western and Saudi-Zion approved Muslim Brotherhood candidacy represented by President Mohamed Morsi.

Hegemony criteria being western educated and easily maneuverable otherwise puppet leadership as the head of the state around the world,

The current Presidency satisfied the requirements to lead Egypt for Israeli regime’s geopolitical goals – the occupation of Palestine and regional usurpation to form ‘Greater Israel’ with ultimate objective of global dominance.

Again United States and Israel determination to rein control over Egypt government and especially military affairs with IMF and Saudi financing under monetary assistance pretext suppress the North African country.

Egypt experiencing constraints to implement necessary political and economic reform with IMF disastrous conditions intended to stunt growth likened to declining European economies from euro zone and EU detrimental policies plus Saudi agenda exacerbate citizens plight.

United States and Israel’s stranglehold on Egypt influencing the leadership in adopting Presidential decree reflects the sponsors’ flagrant disregard for republic governance and democratic principles considering the U.S. executive branch extraordinary power demonstrated in extrajudicial executions and drone strikes authorization with no checks and balances is defiance of constitution.

In fact, constitution validity systematically stifled with political system subversion.

Similarly Israeli aggression against innocent children, women and elderly in Gaza to promulgate premature electoral victory under the guise of national security led to loss of lives on both sides although disproportionately in Gaza by Israel.

Unlike the Palestinian resistance movement intention to avert casualty all around and delivered precision retaliatory response to curtail Israeli provocation.

Freedom and Justice Party (FJP), the official political front of Muslim Brotherhood headed by President Mohamed Morsi is western planned replication of Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan Chaired Justice and Development Party (AKP) embracing Muslim Brotherhood Islamic law per Saudi and Zion prescribed non-secular hardline disposition that is hostile to own people and hospitable to hegemony.

Egypt Presidential decree on November 22, 2012 granting the president unlimited powers with impunity through exemption from judicial oversight was denounced in massive revolt followed by Egyptian Vice President Mahmoud Mekki resignation in concurrence with national view.

Additionally, the ex-Vice President reportedly a career judge could no longer continue to serve the administration echoing political opposition stance on the outrageous decree barring judicial action against Constituent assembly dissolution during constitutional draft preparation without opposition or civil society contribution to the national charter.

The selective constituent assembly approved the new Constitution text on November 30, 2012 in compliance with President Morsi’s order.

Upon reviewing the content the devil is indeed in the detail.

President Mohamed Morsi decree withdrawal was only partial and irrelevant considering the disingenuous overture to protect ‘revolution’ essentially inserted to convince legitimate skepticism within society.

However, carte blanche Presidential privilege remains and extended on decisions pertaining to constitution and laws passed by President Morsi as final and denied appeal.

The political opposition along with significant majority challenged the unlawful measures declaring the entire process fraudulent and criticized constitution failure to meet national requirements apart from not being inclusive.

Constitution appears to preclude Egypt military assigning the institution autonomy in the absence of explicit reference despite western selection of earlier dictatorial power launched from the military cadre.

Notwithstanding United States military wielding power over Egypt national defense force based on ownership with $1.2 billion annual aid primarily for complicity in undermining Egypt sovereignty.

Besides, the constitution stated to have alienated workers, union members and marginalized demography nationwide in consistent with previous regime legacy.

Moreover, President Morsi statement calling for dictator leadership Hosni Mubarak retrial proved to be mere rhetoric and such posturing perhaps to attract votes on the referendum.

Hegemony forbids retrial of ex-President Hosni Mubarak and members from that era and instead they are being released on bail with one of them – the former head of the military judiciary Adel El-Morsi even appointed to the Shura Council by President Mohamed Morsi and,

The other appointee being the deputy head of Muslim Brotherhood’s Freedom and Justice Party Essam El-Erian among 90 Presidential nominees to the Upper House.

President Mohamed Morsi is obliged to hold Parliamentary elections to the lower house in two months and hegemony has devised strategy to scuttle genuine democratic representation with instruction to the incumbent leadership to delegate the Upper House consisting western and Saudi-Zion chosen party regulate the forthcoming election.

The referendum on the new constitution was for the nation to be governed by Islamic law principles conforming to Muslim Brotherhood and Saudi Zionist espoused fundamentalism.

Also, reportedly among 25 million eligible voters from 17 provinces only over 8 million cast their ballots on the new constitution.

That means only one third voted possibly incognizant of the substance and subsequent ramifications while the remaining two third abstained from the process in dissent.
The western MSM and news agency conspicuous spin not surprising in semblance with U.S. Presidential 2012 election results sharing parallel trend in the overwhelming majority i.e. over two third eligible and registered electorates abstinence claiming protest vote on non-viable choices in the hegemony backed political duopoly.

Egypt Presidential and Upper House or Shura Council Parliamentary election were held in 2011 and 2012 respectively with SCAF imposition of curfew and clampdown on frustrated mainstream facilitating SCAF supported Muslim Brotherhood victory on western recommendation.

With two thirds among 270 members in the Upper House representing MB and residual 90 members otherwise one third names provided by President Morsi apparently includes other political factions and religious institutions to satisfy token representation with ineffective minority status.

Hence, in light of hegemon misdirection and deliberate intrusion in Egypt’s internal affairs exerting dominance for vested advantage hurting Egypt citizens’ future,

Egypt electorate across the spectrum – the disenfranchised in particular forging alliance with political opposition need to rise to the occasion once again and reclaim sovereignty.

Republic governance with dismissal of western and Saudi-Zion funded political leaderships and party is paramount for meaningful democracy restoring rights to self-determination and territorial integrity.

The sacrifices in Tahrir Square in 2011 are yet to be acknowledged with independence from foreign powers bidding farewell to political collusion and treason.

Best Wishes to fellow citizens in Egypt for spirited campaign to liberate country from perpetual oppression behind social and economic inequality.

Wishing phenomenal success to youth and patriots in the freedom struggle terminating remotely operated political rule in Egypt and across the globe,

Peace to all!

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant

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