Egypt – Ending Violence And Restoring Stability Paramount To Resolve Political Crises

July 29, 2013

By Padmihi Arhant

The ongoing clashes between the supporters and opponents of former President Mohamed Morsi in Egypt having claimed 150 lives and left 5200 wounded so far is deeply regrettable and against national interest.

The latest incident on July 27th in Nasr city of Cairo involving pro Morsi sit-in members and other factions resulting in 72 civilian deaths is tragic considering aggressive altercations impairs sensibility and rationale endangering lives all around.

Egypt is a mature nation with rich cultural heritage and civilization.

There is urgency for citizens to comprehend that local and foreign instigated unrest weakens national ability to focus on burgeoning issues confronting the nation.

Muslim Brotherhood led by ex-President Mohamed Morsi efforts to reverse political outcome at the expense of naive demonstrators more likely unaware of motives behind persistence clarifies misplaced priority and quest to remain in power regardless of such insistence proved in national jeopardy.

Simultaneously, the Supreme Council of Armed Forces (SCAF) headed interim government initiatives to deal with protests would be effective in refraining from using any force or violent means that only exacerbates situation than otherwise.

Egypt revolution in 2011 accomplished general aspiration in removal of more than thirty years old authoritarianism and iron fist rule denying political rights, economic opportunity and social justice.

However, largely due to foreign power remaining in control over Egypt military and political establishment with United States $1.55 billion aid primarily for geopolitical dominance in the region,

Egypt independence struggle continues and could be gained in declining external interference through monetary and military assistance essentially facilitating western proxy governance to subjugate population.

Since Mubarak regime ouster in February 2011, United States directed administrations alternating between SCAF and Muslim Brotherhood or Islamist Salafi evidently not people choice representation with misuse of authority and failure to govern effectively by them.

Egypt like any other sovereign nation under foreign usurpation exercising self-determination rights in solidarity transcending barriers is the preliminary step towards liberation.

The current turmoil foments divisions among citizens despite similar experience in suffering and sharing same vision for republic rule.

Egyptians across the spectrum coming together in national spirit renouncing violence and pledging to resolve issues in harmony barring domestic and foreign elements counterproductive intrusion is the cornerstone for functioning and meaningful democracy.

Those who politicize events for personal and ideological advantage ignoring loss of lives and mislead the nation towards destruction violate public trust and do not represent national goals.

Egypt citizens seeking United States and other regional power like Saudi Arabia exit from national politics and defense management is critical in the freedom movement.

The consolidated action in changing governments at the national level with exterior sources retaining strong influence over whoever comes to power in the so-called democratically elected process is a losing battle and render martyred sacrifices in vain.

Having identified the root of the problems along with chief contributors and agents,

The people response is to forge national alliance rejecting anti-republic and anti-national infiltration from within or outside to move forward with republic governed political system.

Egypt mass has already demonstrated to this effect in January 2011 that delivered them victory with deposed Presidency of Hosni Mubarak and,

Subsequently the developments were maneuvered from powers abroad with regional collusion depriving Egyptian electorate the fundamental rights to self-governance in a democracy.

The immediate concern is to terminate bloodshed and restore security across the country.

When the nation is unduly subjected to political confrontations, the environment creates a perception of power vacuum and provides fodder for terrorism as witnessed in Sinai Peninsula spreading to the city square.

The caretaker government role is critical in adopting peaceful strategies such as delegating interior ministry to deploy peace corps rather than military personnel on the streets with a national forum organized to redress political grievances inviting diverse perspectives observing calmness and civility towards one another.

National defense forces commitment to citizens ‘safety and territorial integrity while being recipient of foreign military funding pose conflict of interests and undermine national sovereignty.

Egypt military solemn oath to defend the country intertwined with allegiance to foreign financiers of national institution stifle guaranteed protection.

Hence leaving behind such traditions that are contradictory to fulfilling sovereign duty would greatly improve defense command relations with newly elected civilian authority in the near future and beyond.

Notwithstanding the military transformation in this regard not only earn them national respect and confidence but also eliminate destabilization prospects from entities utilizing their investments for this purpose.

Likewise, the political organizations whether Muslim Brotherhood or al-Noor Salafi party espousing fragmentation and discord using religion as a platform subscribe to national foes agenda.

Besides imposition of Sharia law may be suitable to some even amongst majority but not necessarily to all in a society comprising other segments of different faith viz. Coptic Christians and alike.

The essence of democracy is civil liberty with choices for citizens devoid of state infringement.

The measure would generate tolerance and mutual understanding important to preserve national unity.

Muslim Brotherhood prolonging rallies apparently detrimental to their political survival and nation at large. The MB leaderships are urged to bring social disturbance to conclusion preventing further escalation of tension.

Egyptian discernment alongside promoting awareness in the region with limited access to information is the way forward in realizing common dreams for a government of the people, by the people and for the people.

Wishing Egypt citizens unified strength for patriotism to overcome challenges with flying colors.

Peace to Egypt!

Peace to all

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant


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