Egypt – Crises Resolution For Republic Rule

August 10, 2013

By Padmini Arhant

The former President Morsi supporters ongoing sit in protests contributing to political impasse rather than ending the dispute.

In the western and regional partners manufactured Egypt crises,

The clear intentions are to prolong unrest and deny Egyptians self-determination rights to their political future.

The western powers – United States, Britain, Israel and EU along with regional allies Saudi Arabia, Qatar, UAE and Turkey interventional policies serving respective vested interests care less about Egypt citizens and more about reining control over North Africa and Middle East.

Israel using United States taxpayers funded annual aid $1.5 billion to Egypt military keen on preserving Camp David accord whereby Egypt expected to remain subservient and continue subsidized gas supply to Israel at Egyptians expense.

Additionally cooperation with Israel in maintaining Gaza fortress blocking passage on Rafah crossing to beleaguered Palestinians across Sinai Peninsula is enforced with instigated violence and terror attacks on Egypt soldiers and security personnel.

United States obstinacy to proceed with controversial military assistance i.e. $1.5 billion to Egypt at American families costs considers the quid pro quo convenient to usurp power in the region.

Britain as the imperial relic having introduced Muslim Brotherhood to scuttle democratic aspirations favors proxy governance under the guise of democracy or alternatively military appointed administration protecting western engineered coup d’état leaving the nation in eternal turmoil.

EU positioning as intermediary between Egypt military SCAF and ousted President Morsi essentially fulfilling hegemony demands on strategic dominance despite EU failure to resolve myriad problems confronting Europe.

Meanwhile, Arab states like Saudi Arabia, Qatar, UAE, Kuwait and Turkey striving to defend oppressive rule in their domain offer generous monetary contributions as incentives including suggestions to prevent functioning and meaningful democracy in Egypt.

The false propaganda on secularism alluding to Zionism, imperialism and affiliates concept requires clarification due to political factions deliberate misuse of the term secular circumventing concerted efforts to destabilize target nations.

The fact of the matter is anti-secularism among forces espousing specific political and religious agenda perhaps the binding factor in stifling republic governance in Egypt and elsewhere.

The commonality between Zionism accused of Judaization of Palestine and similarly those propagating Islamization of nations and territories is they share hegemonic goals geared towards polarization and stratagems premised on subversion with religion as means for authoritarianism.

Although the two identical groups superficially poised at odds against each other, the striking resemblance in approach to undermine secular states pose imminent threat to peace and security anywhere.

The religious dogma and imperialistic quest together have two choices for people seeking democracy and political freedom and they are fundamentalism tied to religious doctrine in contrast with original teachings of sacred texts and the other being institutionalized politics dictating rule of law to suit ambitions at national detriment.

As a result, the dichotomy of heterogeneous society represented across the spectrum and the so-called republic comprising majority and disenfranchised demography pave way for unrest related to social injustice and human rights violation.

Evidently the latter provides plutocracy and theocracy opportunity to deprive citizens the real democracy through self-governance.

Egypt regardless of religious composition endures oppression under plutocratic maneuvers deploying militaristic and fundamentalist tactics and,

Arguably deserves government pledged to serve all transcending barriers and most importantly courageous enough to stand up to sources behind political mayhem and reject ideology driven representation creating a wedge in society.

Pro- Morsi camp stalling governance and economic activity exacerbates Egyptian suffering in the uncompromising stance apparently beneficial to national foes and not the nation at large.

Instead the participation in national reconciliation forum with a referendum from Egypt electorate on political reform barring regional and foreign interference would demonstrate patriotism and true commitment to the nation.

The interim government bears responsibility in restoring calm and stability by refraining from use of force in crowd dispersal techniques that otherwise perpetuates stalemate.

Egypt political destiny is to be decided by entire country and dependent on citizens’ willingness to move forward in solidarity with national liberation from status quo as the foremost priority.

Best wishes to Egypt citizens in reclaiming sovereignty and establishment of people power leaving behind none in progress and prosperity.

Peace to all!

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant


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