Egotistic Politics

February 18, 2020

Egotistic Politics

Padmini Arhant

Welcome to Egotistic Politics!

Male dominance, supremacy brimmed with misogyny is the typical trend.

What about God’s role in all or any affairs?

Apparently in man’s world, God only indulges to prove woman as inferior nitwit, nincompoop designed to be a robot otherwise aiding in population proliferation,

Besides being male species’ object of lustful fantasies.

Such is the female status that worsens in ethnic orientation regarded anyone’s fair game.

While the competition intensifies on hogging credit over booming US economy,

Any takers on the creation of terror outfits ISIL, ISIS and IS?

How about warfare & authorizing drone strikes, nuclear laden missiles artillery?

Bifurcation of nation Sudan resulting in massive exodus & political chaos,

United States & allies intervention in foreign land leaving millions refugees,   

Perhaps these events have nothing to do with any in the highest office on land.

Only the best and glorious moments count and neatly stacked in one’s legacy.

Human nature on selection and omission to suit individual preferences isn’t new and long been practiced and widely prevalent in contemporary era.

History has been subverted since civilization serving as irony in civility.

No matter how history is written or projected through anyone’s narrative, more so in the fake world anchored on hyperbolic false propaganda media trumpeting anything too good to be true as factual dictum,

One’s deeds regardless of stature and background in life etched in one’s KARMA echoing over many lives until debts are settled in entirety.

The etched KARMA serves as the irrevocable and irrefutable record now and beyond.

The rest are meaningless symbolic egotistic politics.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant

Author & Presenter


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