Earthquake and Tsunami in Japan

March 11, 2011

By Padmini Arhant

Heartfelt sympathy to the citizens in Japan and the nations along the Pacific rim on natural disaster alert.

Japan is hit by massive earthquake with 8.9 magnitude on the Richter scale triggering a 7.3 meter i.e. nearly 24 Ft high tsunami in the North Eastern region.

The devastation from the ferocious waves hitting the northern shores of Japan is overwhelming and the images with every possible material objects being swept away in the extreme natural calamity pose tremendous challenge to the rescue operators.

Heavily electronic and automaton oriented infrastructure, communications notwithstanding the transportation system are affected during such catastrophe.

Nuclear power plants shut down in a carefully calibrated manner with the concern on one particular reactor being monitored for temperature setting is a relief and avoiding further loss of life in the dangerous environment could ease the burden on the coordinated relief efforts.

The international pledge to support Japan would expedite restoration and definitively save lives.

People stranded in their domain particularly those entrapped in the rubbles need immediate assistance for most casualties rise from the inability to survive when victims lay buried under the collapsed building structures.

Japan is well known for being impressively organized to minimize harm and injury to life.

Nonetheless the phenomenal wrath of Mother Nature as witnessed in this horrific event would consume substantial resources to contain the aftermath damages poignantly requiring patience and perseverance especially throughout the search for the loved ones.

Although economic status and logistic sophistication combined with well preparedness all contribute to positive outcome in the humanitarian crisis, the horrendous effects from earth shattering breaks down barriers in the excruciating battle to salvage life.

Japanese government under Prime Minister Naoto Kan along with cabinet and the people of Japan are reached to extend the sincere condolences on the human tragedies with prayers to heal the mourning and wounded for a renewed beginning.

Wishing hope and strength for a speedy recovery to the people of Japan – the land of the rising Sun.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant


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