Dr. Jill Stein – Green-Rainbow Party Candidate for Governor of Massachusetts

October 22, 2010

By Padmini Arhant

Massachusetts status quo is no different from other states in the nation.

Massachusetts residents are dealing with similar problems on the economy, health care, education and environment.

With respect to solutions – policies that conforms to Washington tradition are pursued with the misguided hope of delivering change.

It’s not political parties related anymore. It depends upon the candidacy and their record that confirms the policy failure in applying the same strategies for different results.

Washington is a perfect example in this instance.

Although the legislative gridlock is mostly contributed by the Republican members, the corporate democrats in the Senate and the conservative blue dogs in the House are equally defiant in their opposition to bills favoring the mainstream America.

Despite the democrat majority in the House and the Senate until January 2010, the legislation thus far favor the special interests than the average citizen in every national issue predominantly due to their representatives’ staunch support to safeguard the corporate interests at national cost.

In this particular gubernatorial race, the Green-Rainbow Party candidate Jill Stein stands apart unequivocally from other contenders including the incumbents representing the major political party.

Dr.Jill Stein is the alumna of the distinguished Harvard Medical School. Dr. Stein is an environmental activist. As the Co-Chair of the Green-Rainbow Party, the avant-garde on many political-social issues ranging from Fair elections to spreading public awareness on life matter, Dr. Stein is a board member on health oriented community programs involving medical professionals.

Dr.Jill Stein is the candidate for the Governor of Massachusetts in the 2010 election.

Dr.Jill Stein’s exemplary background as a physician with extensive knowledge in health care eminently qualifies the candidacy as the appropriate advocate for universal health care, the only remedy to the escalating health care expenses contributing to the state and national deficits.

Dr.Stein is also a stalwart on social issues such as same-sex marriage, addressing poverty and fixing educational system as a top priority besides an array of environmental causes.

During the debate, the other candidates were unanimously endorsing the casino set up in Massachusetts claiming that will create jobs while ignoring the proven social risks and the lack of guaranteed income in this trade.

Whereas, Dr.Stein emphasized the above outlined reasons behind her rejection to the casinos and instead committed to green jobs as the ideal alternative apart from improving and expanding the transportation facilities in the state of Massachusetts.

Dr.Jill Stein is an outsider with pragmatic approach to the burgeoning crises confronting the people of Massachusetts. Dr.Stein is the PEOPLE candidate and accordingly funded by the electorate desiring real change in their deteriorating economic conditions.

Dr.Stein’s campaign is exclusively built on public contributions to implement the Change in the electoral mandate.


Contrarily, the other contenders have the political party backing with corporate funding conspicuous in the special interests prepared state and national legislation leaving the ordinary citizens marginalized in the process.

Massachusetts has unique opportunity to elect the third party candidate genuinely dedicated to alleviate their plight in all aspects through diligence and practical measures epitomizing the authentic Change.

As stated above, it is not the party that matters but the policies and the candidates’ zeal to produce the anticipated outcome benefiting all rather than just the privileged groups in the society.

By electing the Green-Rainbow party candidate to the public office the Massachusetts voters would send a strong message to the special interests monopoly on the two political parties and potentially break the oligarchy influence in political campaigns.

Perhaps it could motivate the respective parties’ incumbents and new challengers to renounce the contemporary political practice and fulfill their obligation to the people electing them as their representatives to the office.

Hopefully, the Massachusetts electorate deserving strong leadership would set precedence by electing the Green-Rainbow candidate Dr.Jill Stein, the visionary with extraordinary credentials and impressive public service record fortified by the enormous passion to serve the people in the state regarded as the seat of intellect.

Best Wishes to Dr.Jill Stein for a glorious victory as the Governor of the State of Massachusetts in the November 2, 2010 election.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant


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