Do’s and Don’ts moving forward.

December 31, 2018

Do’s and Don’ts moving forward

Padmini Arhant

Renounce nuances and insinuations against me which is nothing more than a cowardice, unscrupulous and unethical practice. Those with courage and dignity would deal in a fair and honorable manner naming my actual and real name without relying on proxies and puppets to spew venom. The brute and uncouth disposition displayed by the enemies of humanity and environment only brings their insolence and insecurity to surface.

Only those severely lacking in integrity, civility and decency would stoop to such tactics in targeting their arch nemesis i.e. me for standing up to international clique and their stooges’ tyranny, misogyny, prejudice, corrupt and criminal standards beyond salvation.

The press, media and entertainment world in particular serving as the propaganda platform to mislead and misrepresent issues is outdated and never had any credibility to begin with despite massive investment in mud-slinging, demonization and caricature of me for speaking the absolute truth and exposing those behind heinous crimes and dubious activities in politics, economy, religion and society in general.

What you can and must do to validate your last days of existence in the world is to introspect and acknowledge your crimes and unpardonable sins to alleviate the burden on your soul headed towards undesirable destination upon your imminent departure from earth.

Lest you prefer the consequence of your unspeakable criminalities causing misery, pain and suffering to scores of innocent civilians that is by no means going to be pleasurable experience for any of you in the sinful coalition.

The infinite fake, false and fraudulent portrayals via hired crony contingency to discredit anything original and authentic that is well defined will never succeed in the egregious motive and action.

Padmini Arhant

Author & Presenter




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