February 7, 2015


By Padmini Arhant

Dear Citizens,

In the contemporary age, those in position of authority and power whether political, economic or any other domain while fearing own mortality evident in heightened security at tax payers expense or otherwise,  have no inhibitions in imposing premature death and immense suffering on millions of lives worldwide.

Do they express remorse for their actions? 

Apparently not.

When there is no recognition of any wrongdoing despite mayhem and misery inflicted through egregious decisions, erroneous policies and deliberate involvement, regrets or accepting responsibility remains a challenge for victims affected in the misuse of power, celebrity status and criminality ruling the world.

Accordingly I present the poem on Destiny.


By Padmini Arhant


1. Monarch Butterfly or a Queen Bee,

    Mystique or a Wannabe,

    May delay but never deter death.

    Must you waste time?

    Misfortune befall thee sinking in crime;

    Might proved not right

    Mortality as certainty bring new opportunity.


2. Promiscuous is conspicuous

    W ith bribery and flattery,

    Proud and presumptuous

    Trouncing thyself in trickery.

    Peek at inner self

    Trekking on slippery slope,

    Perilous adventure stifling hope.


3. Dancing with delusions

    Seeking ceremonial ecstasy,

    Dreaming reflect emotions

    Serving thy fantasy.

    Depleting in imagination

    Stooping to fallacy,

    Defining character infamy.


4. Contingency rife in sycophancy

     Dalliance with deception

     Evade natural perception.

     Fraudulence feign discrepancy

     Geared towards dissolution

     Hypocrisy vainly promote deflection

     Incorrigibly infusing idiocy.


5.  Having brought nothing at birth

     Take nothing upon leaving earth.

     Life is a learning process

     Rejecting reason for ruinous causes,

     Defeats the purpose of existence

     Evident in flawed fruitless persistence.

     Heeding conscience wise for sustenance.


6.  Prepare for the journey

      None spared from scrutiny

      Denial would be irony

      For proxies and hegemony.

      Unlike bargain with money

      Class, creed as testimony

      Only deed determine destiny.


 Peace to all!

Thank you.

 Padmini Arhant















































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