Democracy under Siege – Dismantling New World Order

May 14, 2011

By Padmini Arhant

When the political establishment in the so-called democracy is protected with impunity and exempted from any accountability, the political system could no longer be identified as the republic rule.

The mainstream press and media as well as certain networks in cohort with political power decision to defy public demand in bringing the culprits behind 9/11 to justice,

Illegal invasion of Iraq under false pretext that has claimed thousands of U.S and coalition troops’ lives not to mention the millions of innocent civilian deaths and displacement.

Similarly Osama Bin Laden died a decade ago and the recent alleged elimination through extrajudicial execution in a unilateral decision without any evidences,

Hence severely lacking in credibility is slighted making a mockery of democracy.

New World Order sworn to secrecy convene meetings in secret locations barring journalists and press corps from the public domain with the NWO media personnel to cover the event and,

The members representing the powerful wings of political, economic, mass media, military, intelligence, royalty…formulate policies on global matter without the world population knowledge or consent.

The premium membership provides exclusive privileges like high profile and key positions in the international organizations such as IMF, World Bank and United Nations.

Notwithstanding government leaderships regardless of the political system represented in the United States, EU, Middle East, Africa and Asia.

Most importantly the value added benefit from NWO membership is derived from –

Authorization to illegal invasion and occupation of foreign land,

Reserve the right to kill in a underworld style,

Toppling democratically elected governments for political and strategic advantage with IMMUNITY as these actions are never even recognized a crime.

NWO is a conglomerate comprising powerful forces thus far responsible for the status quo.

Obviously the objectives being dominate the world as a shadow government undermining and depriving citizens meaningful democracy across the globe.

NWO aim evidenced in the surreptitious and blatant attacks to amass world resources for distribution among the few amid causing death, chaos and carnage is tolerated by those complacent and apathetic to the vast majority plight.

It is poignant to highlight the United States and allies’ role in the systematic military aggression and use of force in various parts of the world under NWO chartered course to establish one world controlled by the nexus group having successfully derailed economic prospects, political stability and suppressing social equality through unpopular governments appointed against electoral mandate and virtue of royalty viz.

Afghanistan, Iraq, Egypt, Yemen, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Jordan …to name a few.

New World Order economic pursuit is diversified and reflected in energy, finance, agriculture, health, education etc.

Health insurance and health care industry reining control over the health care legislation in the IUnited States unfolded during the health care deal between the industry and the White House that guarantees 30 million mandatory subscribers to the health insurers facilitating exploitative incentives with no premium caps on the subscription.

Social Security privatization as seen in France Pension plan with extended retirement age much against public revolt is already making its way through in the U.S. Congress.

Energy policy designed and developed by the energy behemoths in the oil, mining and nuclear industry much to the environment disaster are granted unlimited access to conduct offshore deep and shallow water drilling including hydrofracking, mountaintop removal for mining, nuclear power plants without safe disposal of nuclear waste – despite catastrophic impact on life and the habitat.

In the United States, the energy industry especially the oil companies, coal and nuclear sectors are currently in the process of receiving tax subsidies per the latest Congressional hearing.

Elsewhere the energy minister is erroneously the environment minister strongly defending the coal, oil and nuclear industry.

Challenging the energy industry against planet destruction has been a daunting task for the environmental groups.

In fact the environment organizations coming together as a single indomitable force is necessary to save the planet from ruin.

The fragmented environment organizations unified measures would be formidable in achieving the desired goals than otherwise.

With respect to foreign policy – The U.S. State department has conspicuously moved away from the real purpose of restoring peace, diplomacy and democracy.

On the contrary the track record exemplified in espionage, coup d’état, illegal wiretapping and advice to conceal evidences in national and international issue viz. Osama Bin Laden alleged killing in Abbottabad, Pakistan.

The Defense department and Intelligence agencies maintaining synonymous trajectory worldwide in the supposed war on terror and violation of civil liberties with utter disregard for life and international law exhibited in the prolonged detentions without due process in Guantanamo bay, torture, renditions, mercenary operatives in occupied territories overseas resulting in the local population calamity and embarrassment for the nation.

Congressional lawmakers and judiciary alike until now have not taken any initiative to inquire, investigate and indict anyone with the justice department under White House concerted declaration to extend ‘classified’ information indefinitely claiming redemption and not retribution in the matter to absolve them on prevalent wrongdoings.

The pattern continues with the political class particularly the executive branch systemic abuse of power on national and global issues refuting ground reality and rejecting the request for transparency.

Former President George W. Bush, Vice President Dick Cheney, Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld, White House political adviser and Confidante Karl Rove, Former CIA Director George Tenet, Former U.S. Secretaries of State Gen. Colin Powell, Condoleezza Rice, Attorney Generals John Ashcroft and Alberto Gonsalez…

Not excluding the Military Commanders and Intelligence officials serving at that time are –

Required to stand trial for 9/11 truth behind horrific attacks.

Prolonging Afghanistan war under the pretext “Hunt for Osama Bin Laden” after knowing and admitting that CIA aided leader Osama Bin Laden was dead in Dec 2001.

Illegal invasion of Iraq under false premise.

Vice President Dick Cheney for Halliburton related various corporate and war crimes.

Bankrupting the U.S. economy generating global economic depression.

Ex-Prime Minister Tony Blair – a staunch advocate for Iraq war promoting the agenda that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction proved not to be true.

Abu Ghraib, Guantanamo bay, torture, renditions – the torture authors Professor John Yoo, Judge Jay Bybee for their contribution in the treatment of combat and non-combat prisoners held in different detention cells in the United States and foreign soil.

NSA wiretapping, surveillance and private citizens personal data infiltration through Patriot Act.

Ironically, the crimes have been consistently committed by authorities at the helm posing a major security threat to citizens world over.

International Court of Justice is selectively utilized at NWO will.  If not, justice would have been served to the millions victimized in the absolute authoritarianism disguised in myriad format.

In the present administration – Beginning with the Office of Presidency,

President Barack Obama for Health Care Scandal and dismissal of the public plea to clarify on the pact with Health Insurance industry – 30 million mandatory subscribers with penalty imposed on Health Care law non-compliance to become effective partially in 2012 and entirely in 2014.  At the same time no restrictions on premium hikes against health insurance industry.

Expanding wars and troops deployment in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq, Yemen and now Libya on unsubstantiated grounds.

Refusal to ban landmines and unwilling to ratify the international treaty.

Collusion with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu for permanent troops presence in the Palestinian State of West Bank, Gaza and East Jerusalem thereby halting the Israeli-Palestinian peace process.

Bush-Cheney doctrine confirming NWO motto continued on economy, environment, foreign policy and warfare.

Skyrocketing national debt at $14.3 trillion burdened on middle class and lower income America.

Yet unwillingness to contain extravagant defense expenditure and coherence with opposition to Bush tax cuts extension for the wealthy.

Corporations exporting jobs overseas rewarded with consul positions at the White House.

Coup d’état against democratic governments – Honduras, Ecuador, Lebanon…

North Korea peace talks conveyed through former U.S. President Jimmy Carter ignored and instead approved provocative military exercise with South Korea on the Yellow Sea escalating tension with the nuclear nation.

Turkey threatened with possible coup during the Flotilla crisis involving Palestine.

Iraq – Permanent military base contemplated with the appointment of pro-Iranian government headed by Prime Minister Nouri Al-Maliki leading the nation to bloodbath and sectarian violence.

Iran facing potential nuclear attack in the emphatic Presidential statement underscoring all options considered to desist Iran’s nuclear ambition rather than addressing nuclear proliferation predominantly emanating from the hierarchical nuclear proliferation treaty affecting the nuclear and non-nuclear states.

Proposal on U.N. Security Council reconfiguration with memberships from Brazil, Japan, India, South Africa, Norway, Germany, United Arab Emirates and Turkey in addition to the existing five-member panel abandoned.

Enabling military rule as opposed to civilian government in the post Mubarak Egypt.

Bahrain, Yemen and Saudi Arabia – Reservations on political uprisings compared with overwhelming anticipation in Syria fostering rumors on CIA intrusion rather than upholding a uniform policy in the region.

Libya – deliberation and procrastination to recognize citizens represented Transition Council in Benghazi emboldened Libyan dictatorship with the situation evolving into NWO long time aspiration – military invasion of Libya to sustain direct ownership on oil fields.

Osama Bin Laden resurrection to life and the purported killing in the no-evidence necessary entitlement proclaiming Presidential discretion as the rule of law.

Vice President Joe Biden – alliance with White House on Health Care, Foreign Policy and environment issues.

U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton – The U.S State Department prominently engaged as the espionage epicenter and,

Incidentally availing Wikileaks as the tool to create drifts and confusion in foreign government rule per covert arrangement in the extradition charges repeal against the founder Julian Assange.

Orchestrating coup d’état in Honduras, Ecuador and Lebanon, launching NWO preferred leaderships in the regions regarded economically and politically vital for dominance.

Defense Secretary Robert Gates – in the implementation of NWO warfare across the Middle East and Islamic nations.

Attorney General Eric Holder – Diligently administering the White House policy on reprieving Bush-Cheney administration litany of evidence supported charges.

Intervention and influencing judgments in civil matter at the White House behest.

Military Commander Gen. David Petraeus for protracted wars in the absence of reasonable justification.

Unless these entities actions and decisions attributed to pervasive humanitarian crises are investigated in a judicial and Congressional impartial hearing in public view with appropriate findings typical to the application of law against ordinary citizens,

The judiciary and Congress are rendered ineffective for failing to exercise the checks and balances in reinstating republic rule.

Their complacency and to a great extent complicity in the reluctance to restitute democratic values by allowing extraordinary executive power until now is expediting democracy’s decline.

The seemingly democratic representation at the executive and other branches effectively serving as the NWO leaderships for global monopoly through parallel government set up to function as single indomitable force to reckon with.

If the twentieth century witnessed the fall of iron curtain in the former Soviet Union and the Berlin wall in the then Communist East Germany,

It’s time to peacefully and non-violently demolish undemocratic proxy empire New World Order and the Council on foreign relations (CFR), the counterparts in Europe and elsewhere in the twenty first century with worldwide protest to cease clandestine activities and insist the members – the governments and the rest to disavow allegiance to secret society.

Hesitation in honoring the legitimate terms would categorically reveal the facade.

The conglomerate having successfully revived pre-World War II repressive era through violence, oppression, persecution and most relevantly endangering civil rights and political freedom in the perceived democratic but realistically non-democratic governance.

Since the call to dismantle New World Order largely discarded and possibly smirked,

It is incumbent upon the citizens in civil society to rise against double standards delineating the privileged political class with special protection from interrogation or prosecution while the average mainstream population subject to the maximum culpability.

Global revolution is paramount to abolish the paradox system favoring the perpetrators of crimes against humanity and punishing the innocent as ‘collateral damage,’ causing widespread poverty, hunger, disease and,

Economic despair triggering political upheavals heightened by social injustice.

New World Order existence is conclusively harmful to peace and harmony due to the discreet society’s pledge to wage wars and maintain universal discord for individual gains.

The international community cannot afford to remain dormant with the mushroom cloud about to permeate across the sky.

Therefore bringing down the New World Order responsible for global misery is a priority and preliminary step towards democracy revival.

It is incumbent upon every citizen to safeguard democracy with liberty and justice for all.

Please remember the planet survival is dependent upon the inhabitants’ dedication and commitment to steer the respective nations’ future in a positive direction contradictory to the present time – diminishing to the point of no return.

Citizens’ active participation in policy-making is quintessential much to the governments’ dissent.

Considering significant percentage of policy makers as elected representatives trend periodically demonstrated in their misplaced loyalty to special interests, unscrupulous internal and external sources for assorted reasons excepting national and republic interest.

Please act now and preserve your rights – born to be free and not in bondage by deterring the forces against humanitarian and environmental cause.

Silence and inaction are the worst foes to democracy.

Solidarity movement around the world for common good is vital to realize political independence that would eventually deliver economic prosperity, social equality and global peace.

Peace to all!

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant


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