Democracy and Secrecy

May 9, 2022

Democracy and Secrecy

Padmini Arhant

The existential and long term threat to democracy is lack of transparency in political systems and governance. The coverups managed in the so-called classified information is the secret capsule that no government prepared to declassify anytime.

Secrecy in governance is deadlier than any deadly pathogen to silence majority and minority in society.

The secret society founded and represented in western Europe with European royalty among other members in politics, tech oligarchs such as tech giant co-founder Microsoft, Google current CEO and others from the economic sector marking their attendance in secret meetings prevalent until now is an overt assault on democracy.

The secret society colluding in secret locations barring public and citizens’ represented investigative press hold discussion on global affairs denying general public access to any information.

The controversial secret society secretive aspect condemned calling for the ban on the activity controlling public policy is not tolerated in the past or present.

The United States former President John F. Kennedy referred to the organization and the idea of secrecy in a democracy repugnant. The public statement from the U.S. President cost his life as an example for any opposition to anti-democratic norm.

The event is a mere tip of the iceberg with the overflow since then flooded into dark, devious and destructive course in modern time.

The western Europe founded and hosted secret society is a paradox to much touted western values in the world rallied to adapt western democracy.

The role of monarchy and royalty in western democracy presiding over public matter as the head of the commonwealth and influencing governmental actions more than a ceremonial figure subjugate democracy. The secret society approval or otherwise of Presidential and Prime Ministerial candidates during or prior to the election is no longer a hidden secret. The ritual came to light inadvertently during the United States Presidential election in 2008. The process is a routine in Britain to seek royal consent.

The heads of the government servile to secret society agenda proven to exclusively benefit them at the expense of the rest of the world are recruited to represent them in systems disguised as democracy. Those who fail to toe the line are promptly eliminated from power.

The presence of secret society and similar undemocratic functionaries wielding power delegitimize republic status. Notwithstanding the promotion of despotism and dictatorial regimes under the guise of democracy installed in power to serve kleptocracy.

The contemporary trend in the world’s largest to ancient and modern democracy alike have little or no tolerance to democratic principles and values. The constitutional rights such as freedom of expression and religious freedom…among plethora of human civil liberties and individual prerogatives are systematically violated.

The censorship and cancel culture are in vogue in the so-called democracy.

Anyone daring status quo in the democratic society are persecuted with imprisonment, character defamation and anonymity. The government in a democracy evades accountability on explosive corruption scandals, dismal performance, economic chaos and overall dysfunctional record.

Accordingly, the following questions arise to clarify on secrecy in a democracy.

What is the need for secret society cloaked in secrecy to engage in policy and decision making on global matter?

The monarchy and royalty in western Europe having abolished kingdoms and fiefdoms in western colonized parts of the world maintaining hegemony in democratic setting is the biggest irony and pose a credibility factor for democracy in Europe.

What is the role of monarchy in a democracy?

What is the reason behind holding republic hostage to hegemonic goals and systemic abuse of power?

The above enunciated status is proudly declared a democracy despite mirroring authoritarian oligarchy system with political impunity on corruption and crimes against the nation, citizens and humanity at large.

Nothing to be concerned about when there is nothing to hide.

Padmini Arhant

Author & Presenter


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