Culture – Con, Condescendence and Contempt

January 10, 2017

PADMINI ARHANT. Author & Presenter Spousal Partner Divine Mission.
Padmini Arhant.
Author & Presenter Spouse in Divine Mission.



By Mrs. Padmini Arhant

Con – Fraud, deception and misrepresentation.

Condescendence – Patronize, Disdain, Humiliate

Contempt – Hatred, Disrespect, Scorn

The above qualities are apparent among those driven by envy, greed and insolence.

At no point in time, can anyone replace anybody anyhow in real life.  Neither makeover nor poor imitation and concocted versions can possibly transform them to be me or vice versa. This fact has been made abundantly clear on my website

Even worse is exploiting my copyrighted content let alone my personal life and family matter. My closing line Peace to All taken for granted and gestured as their signature pose which speaks volume of the notoriety prevalent in contemporary politics and other domain.  

The corrupt and criminal politicians like the one recently departed from the world in Tamil Nadu, India having dominated politics not by popular choice rather fraudulent means viz. vote rigging, bribery and violent threats against any independent candidates are bid farewell with pageantry and unworthy honor.  Not realizing  they are not extended such reception in the other world.  

The Tamil newspaper daily in Singapore and Tamil Nadu groveling instead of shedding light on her tainted legacy with irreparable damage and misery inflicted on numerous lives by imposing alcoholism with liquor stores in every nook and corner against citizen’s protests during her term in office is disservice to community among many other crimes in her political tenure. This is where journalism and politics consummate not as strange bedfellows anymore depriving citizens from factual data.

The name Patanjali introduced in my blog on yoga is launched as the commercial brand for profitability in India. Plagiarism is piracy and more so a crime when conducted as entitlement.  Such characteristics are prominent amongst incompetent and obtuse opportunists in society.

Unlike the actors incentivized with highest awards (whether deserving or not) to deliver scripted speech with specific appearance, the material presented on this website is focused on policy, strategy and decisions of the so-called powerful abusing power for self and vested interests.

By the way, I wear reading glasses for medical not cosmetic reason as sported by proxies on payroll for mockery. In this instance, the irony in their empathy for disabled reporter mocked on the campaign trail while self-indulgence in caricature of me for wearing spectacles overflows with hypocrisy.

The relentless efforts to portray me however one chooses is nothing more than desperate times seeking desperate measures much to self-disgrace and deprecation.

I have been deemed as the Delhi gang rape victim. In this regard, every one of those engaged in innuendoes including Indian politics, media and entertainment sector stooped to the lowest ebb in history of mass communication. The abominable act from Indian wannabees carried out at foreign criminal syndicates behest prove India is anything but independent from colonial slavery.

So much so, BBC the media propagandist hiring a British woman filmmaker perhaps agreed to undertake the lewd task for cheap fame titled the film – India’s daughter projecting the rape victim at fault in the movie.

The ill-conceived depiction clarifies the respect or the lack thereof for womanhood in English society evidently condescendence towards women of Eastern culture – the norm established in the immigration rule for virginity test on South Asian and South East Asian Women under former female Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher.

Besides, in withholding the rape victim’s real name and referring to her as Nirbhaya meaning the fearless much to her parents’ anguish and ignoring their plea to refer to her by actual name demonstrates crude animosity that persists amongst rogue elements pretending to be avant- garde in the world.

Unfortunately, women volunteers in pursuit of limelight and media attention willfully representing the unscrupulous also contribute to misogyny.

As for those hovering on glory and accolades as a Tamil Muslim musician from Tamil Nadu film industry or stand-up comic in the United States, only if they could use the position to voice their concern over religion and ethnicity misused for political reasons that would confirm their priority over glamor and recognition.

Again, the hunger for illegitimate stardom in politics, entertainment and media care less about substance and ethos in a bid to remain in public eye.

Above all, the entertainment industry having become the major political platform to mislead captive audience is intrusive and deceptive in not highlighting myriad issues like the outgoing U.S. administration and allies sponsoring of terrorism in Syria with spill over in Iraq and rest of the Middle East leaving thousands dead and millions as refugees with violence having generational impact. Notwithstanding the predator drones chasing innocent children, women and elderly in the dark and forcing them out of their humble dwellings in Afghanistan is one among many operations around the globe.

The hidden facts on Osama Bin Laden alleged capture in Abbottabad, Pakistan when the subject long been deceased in 2001 and health care law with inherent problems beckon acknowledgment.

The quest for accountability would be appropriate upon demand across the spectrum regardless of political faction.

Peace to all!

Thank you.

Mrs. Padmini Arhant

Author & Presenter

Spousal Partner Divine Missiom










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