Critical Race Theory – Core Substance

April 7, 2022

Critical Race Theory – Core Substance

Padmini Arhant

Update April 7, 2022 In the critical race theory elaborated on targeted prejudice and discrimination, it is not surprising to note the megalomaniacal misogynist patriarchy and their monetarily hired male and female sycophant contingency lack basic intelligence and civility contributing to devoid of humility.

These members in society despite having emerged from a woman’s womb sharing 50% DNA from each of the parent via female X chromosome present in either gender unlike the male Y chromosome determining male identity constantly associate woman with only body and not heart, mind and soul about her. 

Such indulgence is the attribute of those intellectually crippled along with zero mental and emotional intelligence bearing no relevance in respecting others rights or feelings taken for granted at will.

Again considering acute deficiency among them in this regard, their obsession with voyeurism and lewd imaginations to slander women is subconscious distinction surfacing impulsively much to own denigration. The trend further clarify women status in their family and clan. The indoor outlook towards women at home and community prompting their headstrong impetuous trait outdoor is nothing to be proud of and everything to be concerned about own personality.

Those who have no control over own negativity with repulsive disposition as the sole purpose of their existence, they are sad example of wasteful human kind.  Lost in their mind to recognize own shortcomings and deficits, they choose to suffer from compulsive destructive disorder. 

Abusers expecting the abused to grin and bear everything volleyed at them and surrender to victimization as their misfortune is medieval culture unfortunately extended into modern era. Human behavior inclined to insults and insolence towards others highlights character deformity inflicting shame and disgrace to the source and catalysts.

The mutual respect is not a choice but an integral code of conduct in human relations. The deliberate violations are declarations beyond reform or redemption.

How one view others is exactly how they would be viewed by them. You receive what you serve others as your prerogative. The reaction is reciprocal.

Critical race theory will continue with further facts and details on the relevant matter.

Padmini Arhant

Author & Presenter


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