COVID-19 – SARS COV2 Origin

July 20, 2021

COVID-19 – SARS COV2 Origin

Padmini Arhant

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The Senate hearing on COVID-19 – SARS COV2 Origin is underway although the TRUTH may never be acknowledged by those involved in the SARS corona virus experiments long carried out since 2001 – 2002 until the virus leak from the Wuhan Virology Institute of China. 

Dr. Anthony Fauci as the Director of National Institute for Allergy and Infectious Disease (NIAID) under National Institutes of Health (NIH) commanding the position to allocate and direct funding towards scientific research notably in the United States federal government suspended controversial Gain of Function Research (GOFR) – the source for the global health disaster.

The GOFR is identified within eminent scientific community as a major bio risk in terms of bio-safety and security even in B4 settings as experienced in anthrax leaks from the lab in the United States.

In view of these realities, Dr. Anthony Fauci’s decision to continue GOFR on SARS COV2 in foreign lab in Wuhan, China despite Beijing’s record on transparency and accountability is beyond comprehension.

Accordingly, Dr. Anthony Fauci as NIAID director under NIH authorizing funding bear  responsibility to explain the reasons behind funding the dangerous GOFR – the SARS COV2 in particular, to the committee, the American citizens and humanity at large.

As victims of the global pandemic, the American citizens and population worldwide forced to pay a price with their precious lives and devastating impact on livelihoods from the pandemic induced economic collapse. Every citizen affected in the pandemic deserves honest response from all these members in the United States and overseas for their direct and indirect indulgence.

The pioneer of Corona Virus in Gain of Function Research – Professor Ralph Steven Baric from the University of North Carolina (UNC), Chapel Hill, NC.

Dr. Peter Daszak – EcoHealth Alliance – the conduit between Dr. Anthony Fauci headed NIAID and NIH in funding the bioengineered SARS COV2 in Wuhan Virology Institute, China. 

Dr. Shi Zhengli – the Wuhan lab virologist and co-researcher with Professor Ralph Steven Baric of UNC specializing in corona virus with NIH and other private investors viz. Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation funding as verified in the Fauci – COVID 19 DOSSIER by Dr. David E. Martin.

The World Health Organization (WHO) Director General Dr Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus for withholding information on the outbreak in Wuhan, China at Beijing’s behest.

Bill and Melinda Gates of the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation investing in the corona virus SARS-COV2 experiments in Wuhan Virology Institute of China and patent rights on vaccines ahead of the pandemic’s ravage world over.

The public health officials and medical professionals in Dr. Anthony Fauci’s network collusion ascertained in emails made public recently are incontrovertible evidence.

The flip side of the saga with the contentious Gain of Function Research (GOFR) aided by NIH and private investors funding is noteworthy.

If the GOFR were to deliver results in the form of a revolutionizing elixir in modern science guaranteed with immortality contrary to the global pandemic consuming lives, the members mentioned above currently remaining in the shadow would be in the forefront claiming credit and glory leading to coveted Nobel Prize in medicine.

There would be omissions and commissions of names and institutes behind the extraordinary marvel in science with repetition on the news by the media monopoly presently complaining indigestion over the topic of COVID-19 origin fact finding that are visibly inconvenient to them.  

Never mind the fatigue caused by them in their relentless buffoonery with fake news and fraudulence having become the norm besides serving as the laughing stock shying away from own shenanigans. 

When anything fails and proved abysmal in the exotic adventures and experiments, the courage and integrity to accept responsibility is ominously missing that are least surprising.

Nonetheless, the millions of lives prematurely lost in the global pandemic with several millions placed in the irreversible health and economic chaos are not a laughing matter.

The unwillingness to shed light on the heinous crime against humanity without a shadow of doubt burden the soul of those in living and upon demise that are inescapable. 

The judgment on deeds is experienced from within. The inner conscience as the sole witness to all actions in life weigh heavily on the truth evaders and offenders leaving them the eternal prisoners of guilt in life and thereafter.

One can perhaps run away from anything but not from oneself and the sins committed in lifetime. 

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant

Author & Presenter


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