July 2, 2021


Padmini Arhant

The corona virus appears to have at least two dimensions if not many in experience and expression. One aspect is the corona virus maintained as the deadly contagious pathogen with the emergence of new variants from mutation. Hence, vaccine campaign remains the priority for the government and majority in the United States Congress.

At the same time, on the issue of corona virus origin, pathway and cause leading to the global pandemic consuming millions of lives necessitating vaccination in the apparent preventive care barely caught attention among the same lawmakers and members having benefited from the pandemic in the 2020 Presidential election.

The corona virus manufacturing, engineering and unleashing on humanity from the Wuhan lab, China with NIH and other private investors funding in the United States and WHO oversight not attracting the United States Congress and government focus especially in the wake of incontrovertible evidence on the lab leaked virus is a matter of grave concern.

The absence of any desire or interest to participate and conduct thorough Congressional hearing and investigation is quite revealing on the political members and factions apathy for ordinary lives and Americans safety and security.

The inaction discarding the heinous crime against humanity is clearly indicative of the importance or the lack thereof for United States as well as global citizens lives lost in the calculated pre-meditated scientific experiment willfully ignoring disproportionate risks affecting millions of lives in the process.

Juxtaposed, the United States Congress and federal authorities pursuits of January 6th Capitol Hill incident with many reportedly held in custody without bail or legal representation along side other legal proceedings on the alleged tax evasion by private Trump organization remain the critical tasks on taxpayer dollars.

Neglecting the corona virus origin inquiry by democrat majority Congress and administration is a serious human rights violation.

As a result of the partisan approach to probe criminality aimed at the determination of lawmakers lives in the Capitol Hill scene as indispensable compared to ordinary lives lost in COVID-19 simply insignificant highlight political reality.

The collusion to protect those responsible for  en masse mortalities and immense health as well as economic suffering of not only Americans but entire humanity in the COVID 19 pandemic disaster proves the anti-people i.e. anti-republic and anti-humanity power brokers lifeline hanging in balance requiring them to cover up the unraveling COVID-19 truthful facts that are no longer concealable. 

As stated earlier, those unwilling to honor the lives lost in COVID-19 by declining to investigate the crime are declaring their position against humanity.

The global voice epitomizing universal consensus urging governments and United Nations as an international body to examine the evidences and dossier on COVID-19 is an obligation to millions of lives lost in the reckless and dangerous biological adventure.

Citizens from across the globe rising to the occasion in seeking open transparent public scrutiny of COVID-19 source and details made available now in the global domain is paramount sending a clear message that –


Thank you.

Padmini Arhant

Author & Presenter


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